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President Biden, who campaigned for office promising to unite the country, took the nation’s airwaves this evening depicting millions of Americans as a threat to democracy. Aside from his blanket condemnation of those who disagree with his policies he charged that nearly every Republican doesn’t respect the rule of law.

“If ever there was an administration that does not respect the rule of law, it is this one,” responded Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “There is no more glaring example of lawlessness than the Biden administration’s gutting of immigration laws and border enforcement. This administration is not just refusing to enforce nearly every immigration and border enforcement law on the books, the president’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, in a series of policy memos, has put it in writing. Moreover, the Biden administration is defying a federal court order to resume immigration enforcement.

“The law says that people entering our country illegally must be detained and removed. The Biden administration has released them by the millions, many without even a notice to appear in court. President Biden’s own appointee to head the Border Patrol has stated in a sworn deposition that there are currently ‘no consequences’ to violating our immigration laws and entering the United States illegally.

“The law says that every person illegally present in the United States is subject to removal. The Biden administration openly refuses to remove illegal aliens unless they are violent felons – and not even all violent felons – or they are terrorists,” continued Stein. “Time and again, when immigration laws are at odds with their own political objectives, our laws get chucked in the trash can. That is the hallmark of an authoritarian dictatorship, not a constitutional republic.

“Not only did the president ignore his own administration’s contempt for the rule of law, he engaged in divisive demagoguery by conflating those who disagree with his, and his party’s policies as threats to our democracy. Chillingly, his administration has sought to silence peaceful dissents – attempting to set up government-run ‘disinformation’ boards, working with tech companies to de-platform individuals and organizations that oppose his policies, even when what they are saying is absolutely true, and potentially unleashing an army of newly hired IRS agents to shut down groups that stand in the way of his political agenda.

“There are those on the radical fringes of both the right and the left who pose legitimate threats to our democracy. But an even greater threat is posed when the people in power willfully ignore laws, and falsely demonize those attempting to call them out,” concluded Stein.


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