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Like a lot of People TODAY I was out and about in the midst of my day when the News Flashed across my phone that their had been another mass shooting in America. With shots ringing out near Union Station in Kansas City, MO USA during the course of a parade and celebration for The Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. A heartless tragedy to be sure.

America has been living with such tragedies though since inception. And yet when it happens, particularly at an event of note such as this one was you can count on Liberal America and its Allies in Media to scream to the heavens, “we MUST do something about gun violence in America!!!”

Columbine High School Shooting (left) and the Parkland School Shooting at Marjorie Stoneman-Douglas High School (right)

With echoes and clarion calls to STOP the violence just by taking your guns away one has to ask, “is such action really enough or even a rightful pursuit of action?” And whenever one of these mass shootings takes place there’s NO MENTION whatsoever about mental health or mental health awareness. Just take the damn guns away, and the problems will be solved, right!?

Meh, maybe, BUT it’s best to research and study, throughly, the subject of gun confliscation first BEFORE you just go and take all the guns away BECAUSE you wanna solve a problem really, really bad! Maybe, get a Nobel Peace Prize for it?

Our rights to own and operate guns in this country are certain and inalienable. Meaning? They cannot be altered, usurped or taken away.

The 2nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution …

You can’t just come in; threaten, cudjole or by force change the laws as written because all power VESTED comes from the consented, you and me. No matter what the fame whores and the camera hogs of fallout tell you! They are entirely incorrect in their urinalysis at the end of the day.

From the desk of Professor Walter E. Williams (RIP)

Taking the guns away solves NOTHING BECAUSE we still have some severely mentally disturbed people in this World, and its not just the guns that need to be taken away its the mentally ill. Mentally ill people will find a way to kill you and me no matter what.

Remember that as we move forward through this latest mass shooting in America and CALL on your Members of Congress, contact the President and Vice President, as well as your Statewide and Locally Elected Leaders to STRENGTHEN the; mental health laws already on the books, to see to their enforcement, call on them to STRENGTHEN and see to the ENFORCEMENT of a National as well as States wide Background Check for Firearms, closing all National and States wide loopholes in gun laws and restrictions leaving NO ROOM and NO AMBIGUITY for someone being able to purchase a gun(s) and ammunition just about anywhere who HAS a troubled past or shady background for any reason. STRENGTHEN and encourage firearms training and hunter’s safety at national and states wide levels. Lastly, basic first-aid training. It seems to me that this is and should be THE BEST ways to go about things rather than, “gimme all yer guns or else!” What say you Dear Readers?



David Robert Davidson

Author: David Davidson


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