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Rep. Holt,

We are saddened to see that thus far you have been unwilling to grant HF2256 a hearing, updating your Facebook post in order to come out explicitly against this bill. You say, “It should also be noted that HF2256 would allow mothers who abort their children to be prosecuted and jailed. This is something that no credible person in the pro-life community believes is acceptable, would never pass in Iowa and I will not advance such a concept.”

I believe this paragraph summarizes why the current incrementalistic approach championed by Republicans will never end abortion in this state, because at it’s core it is saying the same thing that the pro-choice movement stands on: women should be allowed to murder their unborn children with impunity. You say yourself that you would never advance a bill that prosecutes and jails a woman for killing her own child, at least if that child is yet to be born. This is a blatant refusal to treat the child as what you believe it to be: a human being created in the image of God. It is to place them as second-class humans, humans who aren’t due the same dignity and protection as those already born. It is the fundamental view of the perpetrators of this current holocaust, and every holocaust in history that has come before it. This stance will ensure that the blood of the innocent unborn will continue to be spilled in our state with the permission of those who were elected on the basis of stopping it.

It really is inconsistent to say you would never advance a bill that would prosecute and jail mothers. We both know that you would be outraged at the news of a mother drowning her one-month-old in a bath tub, and that you would demand that the mother be prosecuted. Why? Because she is a mother? No, because of her evil act of drowning her one-month-old in a bath tub. However, by your own admission you do not believe that a mother who does the same thing to her unborn child should face consequences, because “no credible person in the pro-life community believes [it] is acceptable.” This is blatant partiality in carrying out justice, a sin that God hates and brings judgement for. Proverbs 11:1 says “A deceptive balance is an abomination to Yahweh, But a just weight is His delight.” God will not honor your failure to take even the minimum steps to grant true justice to the unborn for the sake of “strategy,” strategy that will continue to ensure that real children will continue to be put to death.

It is not too late to allow this bill a hearing. If this position is so unacceptable then let it be demonstrated in its overwhelming rejection as it goes through the legislature, rather than unilaterally deciding for everyone that this is an unacceptable position to be held by anyone. Allow it to be debated. Take the counsel that I and so many other pastors and ministers who preach and teach in Bible believing churches have given you. We grant your expertise on the battlefield, so please do not discount those with the expertise to be able to clearly see God’s will on this issue. Passage after passage of Scripture that speak almost directly to this issue have been given to you by pastor after pastor, and yet you claim to have a better grasp on the will of God on this issue than pastors who have been preaching and praying and studying and calling on you to take a stand on Biblical principle?

Please do not receive our calls and warnings as so many in the unbelieving world would perceive them, as cold and unloving and inconsiderate. If any have been that way, then know that it is not the attitude that is held by the majority of those who have been contacting you. We both know that in military service sometimes you have to shout, sometimes you get shouted at, and sometimes it can sound pretty nasty. It is not because of hatred or animosity, but because the gravity of the situation calls for intensity, and that is the case here as well. Real babies are being murdered in this state, our land is being soaked in the blood of the innocent, and there will be a reckoning for that blood that is shed. God destroys nations for sins such as this, as he warns in Leviticus 18:24-25 “So do not defile yourselves by any of these things; for by all these the nations which I am casting out before you have become defiled. So the land has become defiled, and I have brought its punishment upon it. And the land has vomited out its inhabitants.” If God judges pagan nations that never heard a word of prohibition from God for shedding innocent blood, how much more will he judge a nation or state that acknowledges God as Creator and ultimate Lawgiver and yet has enshrined into its laws the ability for children to be murdered with impunity? God will not be mocked. The blood of the children who will die as a result of the inaction of good men who forsook God’s wisdom for the wisdom of the world will be answered for. We beg you, do not be part of that number through your inaction when you have the opportunity to give these children the protection that God demands.

At the Lord’s service and yours,

Alex Kremer


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