Gaetz exposes partisan investigator Goldman during impeachment hearing

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Representative Matt Gaetz took House Democrats, and their impeachment investigator, to task on Monday.

Gaetz noted the 9 percent approval rating of Congress.

“By contrast, Muammar Gaddafi had an approval rating at 13 percent and his own people dragged him in the streets and killed him,” Gaetz said. “This impeachment process demonstrates the worst in us and it is depriving us the opportunity to raise our gaze and meet the needs of the American People.”

He called it the most partisan presidential impeachment in American history. He talked about the only bipartisan vote of the impeachment being the vote to shut down the hearings.

“And that brings us to your role, Mr. Goldman (the Democrat investigator from the Intelligence committee investigation), are you here as a partisan advocate for the Democrat position or are you here as a nonpartisan investigator of the facts?” Gaetz asked.

Goldman said he was present to report on the investigation they conducted.

“Are you a partisan?” Gaetz asked.

“I am not a partisan,” Goldman answered.

Gaetz asked how long the Republican investigator, Stephen Castor, has worked for the House.

“Since 2005,” Castor said.

The same question was asked of Goldman, who replied since earlier this year.

Gaetz asked if they make political donations.

“I don’t remember any,” Castor said.

“I do, sir,” Goldman said. “I think it’s very important…”

Then Gaetz and Goldman spoke over each other.

Goldman, Gaetz said, gave tens of thousands while Mr. Berry Berke gave more than $100,000. Berke was the counsel for the House Democrats on the Judiciary committee.

“Do you think if you’d given more money, you might’ve been able to ask questions and answer them like Mr. Berk did,” Gaetz asked. “I guess it’s something you’re still pondering.”

Then Gaetz asked if either of them had ever tweeted at the President.

Goldman, of course, did.

“Nothing in the dossier has proved to be false (including your pee tape),” said one of Goldman’s tweets.

“As we sit here today, where you I guess got a tweet mentioning a pee tape, presenting yourself not as a partisan, hired by the Democrats to pursue the President, do you regret this tweet,” Gaetz said.

Goldman began his answer, which really never arrived.

“I just want to know if you regret the tweet Mr. Goldman,” Gaetz said. “Do you regret it? You either regret it, or you don’t regret it. I guess you don’t want to answer the question.”

Gaetz then talked about Chairman Nadler’s earlier comment during the hearing. Nadler said there is nothing more urgent than the impeachment hearing.

“If you’re a senior right now and you can’t afford your prescription drugs, that’s more urgent than this,” he said. “If you’re a manufacturer wanting to dominate the western hemisphere with the passage of the USMCA, that is more urgent. If you’re a farmer who wants to open markets so that your family can survive and thrive, that is a lot more urgent than this partisan process. If you’re a desperate family member watching someone succumb to addiction, solving the opioid problem is probably more urgent than this partisan impeachment. If you’re a member of the next generation dealing with the challenges of extinction and climate change, a budget that’s out of control driving up the credit card of young people of this country and what they’ll have to pay back as a consequence of our poor decisions, likely more urgent.

“But House Democrats have failed at all of these things. A matter of fact, I’d say the only thing under the Christmas tree for most Americans would be a lump of coal, but I think they’re against coal too. The only thing under the Christmas tree for Americans would be impeachment and investigations.”

Author: Jacob Hall


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