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July’s jobs numbers show The Great American Comeback is underway under President Donald Trump. Another 1.8 MILLION new jobs in the month of July.

The U.S. economy was booming before the COVID-19 pandemic hit America. President Trump has his sights set on creating another boom. In the last three months alone, the U.S. has added a whopping 9.3 MILLION new jobs. 

If those numbers were not enough, check these out: 

  • Of the 1.8 million new jobs in the U.S., 1.14 million were for women.
  • The unemployment rate continues to drop, now to 10.2% in July. 
    • Black unemployment dropped to 14.6%
    • Unemployment for women dropped to 10.6%

There’s reason to believe The Great American Comeback is alive and well under President Trump! As the Trump Administration continues to restore the economy, shatter expectations and prove experts wrong, American workers know that if anyone can bring our economy back to the height of greatness – it’s President Trump.