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The Iowa Standard was able to be included in Sen. Charles Grassley’s Capitol Hill Report on Tuesday morning. We were able to ask two questions, with one being his thoughts on the Iran situation which has heated up in the past couple days:

“What I’m seeing is a little bit reminiscent of what I saw Iran do during the Reagan Administration,” Grassley said. “He responded by hitting some of their oil facilities or something and then that kind of cooled off. They occasionally do what they’re doing to make their points. They’re mad at Trump for pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, which they’ve been violating even before he pulled out. I think that this is going to cool down — I’d be surprised if it doesn’t.

“That’s what Iran has done in the past. They’re trying to put pressure on other countries to put pressure on the United States to lift the sanctions, but I think until there’s negotiations, sanctions won’t be lifted and Iran is hurting. (Iran) wants to continue to have all the resources they can to be the No. 1 influencer and supporter of terrorists almost any place in the world, but particularly in the Middle East, because of what you hear them saying all of the time — ‘Death to Israel.'”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall