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Kimberly Guilfoyle shared a message of optimism despite the times Sunday at America Fest 2022. The former wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom — who she predicted will never reside in the White House — and current girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. vowed that Republicans will take the White House back in 2024 and implored attendees not to stay silent despite the temptation fed by social media companies, tech giants and corporations.

The Biden Administration, she said, is implementing “devastating radically left ideas.” The results of the 2022 midterm elections may slow down some of the devastation from the Biden Administration, but she noted slowing down destruction is not the end goal.

“We remember what life was like under President Trump, don’t we,” she asked. “It’s going to feel good again. The fighters in this room and around the country elected President Trump. It was a time of prosperity, of hope and a lot of winning. You guys aren’t tired of winning, right?”

Democrats, Guilfoyle said, are devoted to big government and reckless ideas to undo everything Trump accomplished. They have attacked small businesses and American families while cozying up to China and opening the borders to criminals, human trafficking and drugs. Democrats have also doubled down on spending and cut off American oil.

“Shame on them,” Guilfoyle said. “Let’s give them a pink slip and kick them out. We’d like to believe that they are just incompetent, but it’s almost as if the pain they are inflicting is intentional.”

The American people are seeing through the pandering from Democrats, as well as what she called “false promises.” Instead, the politicians win and spend the bulk of their time in D.C. serving their real constituents – rich donors in New York and Silicon Valley.

“But we are wise to them. We are not like that,” she said.

Instead, Trump ran on an America First agenda that put the people ahead of everyone else “every step of the way.”

So, how did Guilfoyle suggest getting back on track – keeping politicians accountable. And by politicians, she singled out Republicans.

“Not just liberals and Democrats – hold Republicans accountable,” she said. “And the establishment in Washington who continue to pander to D.C. interest rather than the interest of everyday, hard-working American men and women. If Republican leadership will not get behind the American people, then we will not get behind them and we will get them out of here.”

The status quo cannot continue and shows the work is not over. She said America is on a crash course if immediate corrective action is not taken.

“Being sent to Washington is not a lifetime appointment,” Guilfoyle said. “We will not tolerate wavering. We will not tolerate weak conservatism any longer because our country is too important and the stakes are too great. We the people are sending our leaders to Washington with a specific mission.”

The past election’s message could be distilled down to three “I’s” Guilfoyle said – immigration, inflation and energy independence.

The Biden Administration has taken every measure to tie the hands behind the backs of border patrol agents. After criticizing the agents on horseback and lying about the incident, the administration then opened the border and resumed the “crazy policies” of the Obama White House. They’ve resumed catch and release and are hiding their incompetence by flying illegal immigrants across the country. Now Title 42 is set to expire in days.

Inflation has climbed month over month, Guilfoyle said, after Trump delivered record economic growth, the lowest unemployment rate in half a century and, despite a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic, had the economy on pace to roar back to life.

Trump was devoted to cutting regulations, working with business leaders to reopen the economy, cutting red tape and encouraging jobs here at home. He predicted Biden’s policies would release “economic disaster of epic proportions” and, sure enough she said, Biden has weakened the economy, derailed the supply chain and caused higher interest rates.

Democrats and the corporate media that covers for them never rise to the moment with their views and policies, instead they doctor the narrative to meet their “self-imposed calamities.”

She criticized Democrats and Republican RINOs who are continuing to spend money in Ukraine without any accountability or strings attached and without any limit.

“Somehow we can’t find the money for the border wall, aiding our own troops, protecting American families but we can send a blank check abroad,” she said. “This has to stop.”

Despite living in one of the most energy-rich nations on the planet, Guilfoyle said, Biden’s White House has failed on energy independence.

“The devastation unleashed by this administration is not normal and we can’t let it become normalized,” she said.

Instead, conservatives must fight back to correct the course.

“Be loud,” she said. “We must and will demand our Republican leaders fight in Washington. There are conservatives rising up all across our great country. We are not going to be silent. We will not be the silent majority. We will be the loud majority. We are going to be loud, we will have courage and we will be loud when we show up in 2024 and we take back the White House.”


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