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Commentators on both the right and the left are admitting…Nikki Haley is saying what everyone else is too afraid to say out loud: Joe Biden’s age and mental acuity is a serious issue in this campaign. A vote for Joe Biden could very well be a vote for President Kamala Harris.

“Nothing pisses people off quite like telling them a truth they don’t want to hear. That’s exactly what GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley just did with her remarks about President Joe Biden’s advanced age and the prospect that, if he’s reelected, we could end up with Vice President Kamala Harris as president.” — Brad Polumbo, Commentator, Washington Examiner, 04/30/23

“She’s [Kamala Harris] running alongside the oldest person to ever do it. So, she’s essentially running for president. That’s what she’s doing.” — Van Jones, Contributor, CNN, 04/27/23

“By bringing the age subject to the forefront, Haley has made a real contribution to the presidential race. Everybody knows Biden is too old for another term — he’s too old for this one — but Democrats have fallen in line behind the president because they don’t see any credible alternative. That’s especially concerning given the prospect of Vice President Kamala Harris, whom no one wants to become president, as first in line behind the oldest chief executive in history.” — Byron York, Chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner, 05/02/23

“We are always told that, in the end, people vote for the candidate for president, not for vice president. But because Biden would be 86 at the end of a second term — and therefore the chance of his health failing is not small — people will be asked to vote as much for his vice president as for him, maybe more than in any other election in American history.” — Thomas Friedman, Columnist, New York Times, 04/25/23

“The White House has dismissed polls showing concerns over the president’s age. A better idea? Maybe listen to Nikki Haley and make the president and other elderly lawmakers and lawmakers-to-be submit themselves to a cognitive test.” — Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, TV host, Fox Business Network, 05/01/23

“When Nikki Haley made that exact point this week, she was pilloried by the media. I guess what’s acceptable coming from a liberal man, is totally beyond the pale when it’s said by a Republican woman. And that’s the point. The likelihood of Kamala Harris becoming president in a Biden second term is being put out there by Democrats.” — Steve Hilton, TV host, Fox News, 05/01/23

“Look, I think the Biden campaign knows they’re going to have to address the issue of age. They’re going to have to show on the campaign trail and in the White House that the president is capable of doing the job of president.” — Robert Gibbs, Obama press secretary, MSNBC, 04/28/23

“The issue of Biden’s age is going to be an issue in this campaign—there’s no question about it.” — Chris Wallace, TV host, CNN, 04/28/12

“The Democrats are boosting Kamala, saying, if you watch this campaign video, she was all over it, some 16 or 17 times, they’re boosting, saying, you vote for Joe Biden, and you’ll get Kamala Harris. Presumably, that means, perhaps he’s not going to finish his term. I would say, the real answer here is, promise or threat? Because she is probably the least popular vice president that we have seen in 100 years.” — Horace Cooper, Contributor, Fox News Sunday, 04/30/23

“It’s a reasonable thing to raise. He’s the oldest president already in the history of this country. Then there’s the question about his running mate. Is that someone people want to think about as a potential president of the United States. These are absolutely relevant and live issues.” — Guy Benson, Contributor, Fox News, 04/30/23

“If Biden is reelected, he’s 86 at the end of his second term. To Nikki Haley’s point that she made on this program, is a vote for President Biden a vote for Kamala Harris, and do they have to be worried about voters having that on their minds when they head to the polls?” — Sandra Smith, TV host, Fox News, 04/28/23

“Wow, there it is. We’ve all thought that. Some in the media have even said it. I have. Because it would mean Kamala Harris—who’s about the only person less qualified to be president than Joe Biden—would walk into the Oval Office. Like Nikki Haley just said, you can’t count on President Biden making it all the way through his second term.” — Steve Gruber, TV host, Real America’s Voice, 04/28/23

“He’s getting assists from his staff, from kids, it’s getting so obvious—and that’s why you see Nikki Haley saying what she said, which is, listen, let’s be honest, if Joe Biden runs, I’m actually going to be running against Kamala Harris, because he’s not going to make it through this.” — Rachel Campos-Duffy, TV host, Fox News, 04/28/23

“I know people are attacking her for this and saying, ‘how can you say that?’ but really aren’t a lot of us saying ‘can he?’ I mean, we are concerned. We’re concerned when you see this level of decline. We know the next steps. People who have seen their parents go through this, dealt with grandparents going through this. They understand the next steps of this. And Nikki Haley is just really saying what we’re all wondering, what happens if—which is when.” — Tudor Dixon, Podcast host, 04/28/23

“Most Americans understand, in fact, that the incumbent president’s reelection all but guarantees Harris’s ascension to the Oval Office, which raises the stakes in a roll of the dice for Joe Biden considerably.” — Noah Rothman, Senior writer, National Review, 04/28/23

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