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Senator Zach Whiting, R-Spirit Lake, announced on Thursday his support for a proposed constitutional amendment in Congress keeping nine justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Whiting said when the legislative session starts in January, he plans to introduce a resolution urging Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to prevent the “radical Left” from packing the Supreme Court.

“We cannot allow one party to expand or shrink the Supreme Court for political advantage,” said Senator Whiting. “Once the legislative session convenes in January, I will introduce a resolution in the Senate supporting this amendment and encouraging Congress to pass it. If one party chooses to change the size of the court, there is nothing stopping another party from doing so again and again, undermining the independence of the judicial branch. The amendment in Congress, called the ‘Keep Nine Amendment,’ ensures our judicial system stays independent, maintains the current number of justices, prevents a political party from changing the size of the court on a whim, and protects a system that has been working for the American people for over a hundred years.”