JUDICIAL WATCH: Borders protect us, keep us safe, fundamentally define our existence as a nation

Judicial Watch published a video about battling illegal immigration. James Peterson, a senior attorney with Judicial Watch, explained the issue.

“Our nation has borders for the same reason we have doors on our homes,” he said. “Our borders protect us, our borders keep us safe, our borders are what fundamentally define our existence as a nation.”

Peterson said the number of illegal immigrants is estimated at 11 million people. The cost of illegal immigration is estimated at more than $100 billion per year.

However, the estimates are likely understated because nobody knows for sure how many illegal immigrants are in America.

“Illegal immigration poses a direct threat to our national security,” Peterson said. “This comes from not just crime that comes across the borders from drug dealers also potential terrorists. A significant percentage of apprehensions by ICE of illegal aliens are already convicted criminals.”

The solution, Peterson said, is to enforce the laws.

“We need to have the will to protect our borders and to see that persons who do not belong in this country are not allowed to remain,” he said.

For more than 10 years Judicial Watch has brought lawsuits to challenge sanctuary cities and governments from providing services to illegal aliens.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall