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There are plenty of reasons to vote for Jim Carlin on Tuesday in the U.S. Senate primary election. Sen. Chuck Grassley’s failing grade from Conservative Review for his voting record over the last six years is one. His vote for the Biden infrastructure bill is another. His vote to certify Biden’s “election” is a third. His vote for the $40 billion to Ukraine is a fourth. And his vote for a $3.5 trillion spending bill would make a handful. And…

Well, you get the point.


I would also like to point out that the only argument I’ve heard for re-electing Grassley is his “seniority” in the U.S. Senate. Let’s translate what that means — Mitch McConnell likes Grassley — a lot. Do we really think buddies and pals of McConnell are the kind of politicians who are going to turn this country around?

But let’s ask the obvious, honest question about Grassley we should be asking — is it wise to sign up an 88-year-old person for a six-year commitment?

Is it?

Now, if I’m as active as Grassley when I’m 88, I’ll be thrilled. But do I believe at 88 Chuck Grassley is one of the most qualified Iowans to serve in the U.S. Senate? No. Not even close.

When he spoke in Sioux Center before the 2020 election, he flat-out forgot Sen. Ted Cruz’s name with Cruz standing right beside him. At the Dubuque County GOP fundraiser he had to read his speech off a script.

I heard from legislators in Des Moines that during his update with their Republican caucus he had to rely on his staff to answer questions more than he ever had before — and it wasn’t even close.

And it isn’t his fault — the guy is 88 years old for crying out loud.

And he wants Iowans to choose him for six more years.

Here’s something to keep in mind — while it certainly appears Gov. Kim Reynolds will cruise to re-election, what if she doesn’t? What if something happens between now and November we cannot foresee and a Democrat becomes governor? And somehow Grassley wins re-election, but can’t make it through the next four years? That means the Democrat governor will be appointing someone to the U.S. Senate to replace Grassley.

Worse yet, let’s say Reynolds does win and Grassley can’t serve out his term. What if his grandson, Pat Grassley, is appointed?

We’re all willing to agree President Joe Biden is lacking in mental acumen for the job of President. But Biden is a decade younger than Chuck. A decade. Ten years. Younger.

So if we’re interested in staying intellectually consistent, and ask questions of Biden’s mental fitness, shouldn’t we also ask those questions of Grassley?

Grassley refused to debate Carlin. This would have been a good test for Grassley, but he refused to take it.

There is something to be said for the citizen legislator rather than the career politician. Heck, even career politicians retire eventually.

It is difficult to envision how any rational, healthy person would or could want to spend 48 years in Washington D.C. And that’s even when they are in their prime. But when you’re 88, you should be enjoying retirement, not running for re-election.

Maybe it sounds rude. Maybe it is too speculative. But those maybes don’t mean it isn’t true.

We appreciate Chuck’s service to the state. But no politician should spend 40-plus years in the same office.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Bravo, Jacob. You express my thoughts precisely. When Grassley walked in to the Dubuque event in Cascade, he looked worn out. When he spoke while bending over to read his notes, I thought – this is our version of Bidenbabble.

    Jim is a dynamic, much younger man who will bring a fresh approach to Washington.

  2. Thank you for being factual and logical. Just the single fact that Grassley would not debate Carlin says IT ALL! If one cannot defend himself against his opponent that is a HUGE RED FLAG! Vote for Jim Carlin for US Senate.


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