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First I would like to thank the Iowa legislators for an outstanding effort to pass legislation to curb the ever-growing encroachment of Wokeness in Iowans’ everyday lives. Keeping it in check in our schools, sports, locker rooms, libraries and other areas where it’s not welcome! No small accomplishment in one session year.

But was this effort in vain?

The Federal Department of Education has sought to redefine the definition of Title IX, and thus bring all of Iowa Legislative effort to naught. A simple procedure that brings Iowa’s resistance to the point of Null and Void! A Bureaucratic federal agency easily circumvents Iowa’s legislative efforts to control state functions.

Overreach? Absolutely!! Jurisdictional intrusion? Without a doubt!! So this shows that legislation alone will “NOT” keep the Federal Government out of state jurisdiction! So how does Iowa regain this jurisdiction? Pass more Legislation? That didn’t work the first time! Nor will it work the second time either! So what’s the solution? This Iowan has a suggestion.

It’s Constitutional, written 236 years ago and is still our governing Document today. The Constitution! Within this document are seven Articles. The Constitution contains 4,543 words, 7,591 with Amendments. One of these Articles is my focus.

Article V, how Amendments are proposed and ratified to our God-inspired Constitution. Congress has this power and that’s the way it’s always been done so far. But….. States have also have the same power!!!!

It’s called a “Convention of the States for proposing Amendments to THIS Constitution.” Not rewriting or substituting another Constitution, but simply proposing Amendments for possible ratification! Article V mentions “the Several States” today which totals 34. An Article V Convention requires a very high threshold of joined states to call a convention. So far 19 of the required 34 states have applied to Congress for an Article V Convention to halt the ever-growing overreach of Congress into states Constitutional Jurisdiction. But alas Iowa is not one of them! Nineteen other states have recognized the need to put DC back into its box! But Iowa struggles with efforts to pass legislation that is easily bypassed by Congress, ie. the Department of Education. Iowa’s valiant efforts were brought to naught by a three-letter, unelected bureaucratic “Congress-created” agency!

One of the hundreds “not” mentioned in any of the Articles of our Constitution. By holding a Convention of the States, amendments can be proposed for ratification, to start to correct these Runaway abuses of Congress. Reestablish Jurisdictional Soverngity, and remind the Federal Government we “Do Not Consent” to be dominated, abused, or suffer the Burden of Tyranny in any fashion!!!!!

I would humbly ask the Iowa legislators to recognize the severity of limited time. Who thought in just TWO years America would be brought to this point? How much more will DC “TAKE” before our inalienable rights are further compromised? Has not the Covid pandemic taught us anything?

In closing, I reiterate the urgent need to join with the Several States in an Article V convention and put DC back in its Box! If not now, then when? If not by using our Constitution, then how?

  • Quincy Droigk


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