LETTER: One nation, under God…words we have forgotten

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Four words.

Almost every problem facing our country today is the result of we, the people, forgetting four very important words that we used to recite on a daily basis: “One nation, under God.”

We are not a nation of Republicans or Democrats.

We are Americans.

We have allowed ourselves to place the needs of political parties ahead of the needs of our nation.

We have forgotten that politicians are not public servants, but serve only themselves.

We have forgotten that true public servants do not ask for reelection, money, or power.

We have forgotten that what is good for America is good for all Americans.

We have forgotten that this is OUR country and we are in charge.

We have forgotten that hard work should be rewarded instead of punished.

We have forgotten that success is an achievement, not a right.

We have allowed ourselves to become stifled by political correctness.

We have forgotten that fact is ALWAYS more important than emotion.

We have become afraid to label evil when we see it, and to take the steps necessary to eradicate that evil from the face of the Earth.

We have lost our love of country, and allowed ourselves to be told that nationalism is a bad thing.

We have forgotten that our nation was created by the Grace of God and to follow God’s teachings.

We have forgotten the value of honesty, character, intelligence, caring and faith in our elected officials.

We have become complacent to the point where we have allowed those who wish to destroy us to serve in our highest elected offices.

We have forgotten that we are a Republic, and that the greatest fear of our Founding Fathers was that we might someday become a Democracy.

We have forgotten that Privileges are not Rights.

We have allowed ourselves to place convenience over the sanctity of human life.

We have turned out collective backs on the precious gifts given to us by our Founding Fathers and our Creator.

One nation, under God.

Words we seem to have forgotten.

Words that can save us if only we are willing to truly take them to heart.


Ray Baltes