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The hue and cry, reaching a fevered pitch before and during the recent legislative session.  So much so that it was labeled as a TOP THREE issue for the legislature to conquer.  How interesting it was when talking to some legislators about this issue, it became abundantly clear they were very well schooled, parroting reasons, each nearly verbatim.  Nothing beyond the programmed speeches.

Don’t you know it’s all about the animals and freeing them from the clutches of human cruelty?  Of freeing them from human bondage?  Of humans being such dastardly creatures to confine animals so they cannot live out their lives in the happy, dreamy land of unicorns and fairies, where the sun always shines and all live so happy together?  Such wonderful bliss the animals are missing out on.

Most of the howling and yowling is from the infamous keyboard warriors that have nary a clue, but do possess very vivid imaginings.   Did I say possess?   For some it does become a possessed obsession.   Evidenced by blatant refusal to listen to the experts.  Experts, the people that make their living by animal production and species appropriate care.  Those that have the dirty fingernails, sweat, and tears.  Yes, those experts.

Dog breeders have been sounding the warnings for years.  Falling on mostly deaf ears.  Fortunately, there are some legislators that do have ears to hear that do not make a mockery of resources  or calling those resources nonsense by fanatics.

Slippery slope for agriculture?  Nah, no such thing is the claim.  Hmmmmm.  Then can one explain the recent trespassing by Direct Action Everywhere  onto Sen. Ken Rozenboom and his brother Calvin’s farm with demands to see the hog barns?  Fortunately they were peaceful and polite.  BUT, DxE isn’t quite so polite, especially in Australia.  Go to their face book page, read, watch videos of their braggioso of trespassing and stealing farm animals, or swarming and overpowering farms in order to steal.    By the way, DxE removed the video of their visit to the Rozenboom farm.  Wonder why that was?

Below is a warning issued by The Cavalry Group.  A group dedicated to preserving everyone’s rights to animal ownership and production.   This took place in our neighboring state of Missouri.

Be warned.  At some point in time the instigation and threats by the keyboard warriors will inspire someone to take the action.

Do NOT ever dismiss the warnings by the dog breeders whom have experienced these attacks for many years.  They know and understand they are the practice grounds with agriculture the bulls eye of their target.  Again, go to the various sites of Humane Society of the U.S., Animal Legal Defense Fund, PETA, The Nonhuman Rights Project.  Educate yourselves so you will not be sucked into emotional rhetoric, sentiment overriding truth and fact.

If not interested, go ahead, let emotion rule the brain.  Unless we, the people, wake up to the reality of these agendas being pushed in Iowa and other states’ legislatures, we will pay the high price of delusion.

The below should be a wake up call.   Don’t get caught sleeping in a careful plotted illusion of vivid imaginings of animal maltreatment.

— Betsy Fickle
Garner, Iowa

There have been two instances in the mid-west region this week where individuals have illegally trespassed on to our members’ property with the the intent to harm both our members and our members’ business.

In one of these instances, the trespasser used pepper spray on our member and two of their family members, while then using their vehicle as a lethal weapon in an attempt to run them down!

We will release more information about this case to you as soon as we can share more details.

In the meantime, we want you to be on high alert and take these threats very seriously.

Alexander Penalta, General Counsel for The Cavalry Group has been notified about these situations and he has issued the following statement for our Members.

Warm regards,


Mark Patterson


The Cavalry Group


Author: Press Release