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True Americans do not vote to eliminate the Electoral College.

True Americans do not threaten the Supreme Court if they don’t rule a certain way.

True Americans do not want Socialism.

True Americans believe in the Constitution and support the Bill of Rights, including the First and Second Amendments.

True Americans do not elect anti-semites to office.

True Americans fought to end and succeeded in abolishing slavery.

True Americans do not believe they have the right to tell others what rights they can and cannot exercise.

True Americans believe American citizens must always come first and illegal aliens have absolutely no rights in our country and deserve no access to our healthcare, our welfare, our schools or our housing.

True Americans understand the difference between Rights and privileges. Healthcare is a privilege. Education is a privilege. Citizenship is a privilege.

True Americans support law enforcement of all kinds, from small town cops to I.C.E. and the CBP.

True Americans do not label those who disagree with them as racists, Nazis, xenophobes or white supremacists. Nor do they attack them with bats, hammers or cement-filled “milkshakes” while wearing masks and black hoodies.

True Americans do not introduce legislation to abolish Homeland Security.

Democrats are unquestionably Un-American and their stated desires for this county border on treason.

– Ray Baltes