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Last Monday was Presidents’ Day, a day when our country is supposed to reflect on our Founding Fathers and their contribution to a once-prosperous nation. Joe Biden couldn’t even be bothered to stay on American soil for Presidents’ Day.

He is a sad excuse for the leader of our nation, and I will continue doing everything in my power to fight for true American values to be restored to our nation.


Biden’s “surprise visit” to Ukraine on Presidents’ Day is simply the latest decision that shows his disdain for our country. Unfortunately, it isn’t just Joe–the entire Democrat party has abandoned the love for our country that Republicans are fighting to keep alive.

The only border that Biden and the Democrats care about is Ukraine’s. They continue to allow Chinese-made, Mexican Cartel imported fentanyl to flow into our country unchecked to kill Americans of all ages. If Biden had any respect for our country, he would have addressed something that Americans are actually concerned about on Presidents’ Day instead of taking a joy-ride to Ukraine.


It is far past time for Americans to have leadership who actively puts the citizens’ interests first, which is something that we haven’t had since President Trump.

The insanity of the Democrats’ agenda has run its course, and people are sick of it. Americans want to know that our border is secure and that inflation is under control. Instead, we have an Administration handing out taxpayer dollars like candy to foreign nations and telling you that physically mutilating children is okay in the name of social justice.


I was excited to join Sean Hannity on Tuesday night. Watch the entire segment below:

Congress has given $113 billion of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars to fund a proxy war in Ukraine in just over one year, but they couldn’t manage to cough up a fraction of that to fund President Trump’s border wall. That wall would have helped to keep Americans safe from the invasion of 6 million illegal aliens at our southern border.

Congress has shown that it cares more about the borders of foreign nations than its own citizens. No country should have to question whether its leaders are actually doing everything in their power to keep them safe, but here we are.

The Democrats in Congress and the Biden Administration have proven themselves untrustworthy time after time. Representatives and Senators in Congress must be held accountable for how they spend Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

This is why I’m so excited to re-introduce my Resolution of Inquiry into Taxpayer Dollars Spent in Ukraine. American Citizens–YOU–deserve to know exactly how your money is being spent, especially if it’s being spent abroad.

I was thrilled to join Tucker Carlson to discuss my Resolution of Inquiry. Watch the full segment below.


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