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Larry Elder delivered a stirring speech Saturday, Oct. 10 in Washington D.C. at BLEXIT’S Back the Blue event. It was a passionate presentation in which he shared statistics on crime, examined how Hollywood is participating in the manipulation of black Americans and closed with the inspiring story of his own father.

Elder, who spoke for about 11 minutes, wasted no time making his point.


“This whole narrative about the police out to get black people, the whole thing is complete and total BS, you know that don’t you,” he started.

Doc Rivers, an NBA coach, will sit down after a loss and examine a stat sheet to find out exactly what happened in a game, Elder said. Blocks, assists, free-throw percentage, field-goal percentage, steals – it all matters.

“In his profession, he has to connect the dots and be logical,” Elder said. “George Floyd dies, Jacob Blake gets shot, what does Doc Rivers say? He has a press conference he goes ‘ahh, ahhhh, why does this keep happening.’ Ahmaud Arbery gets killed, LeBron James tweets out black people are afraid to leave their homes. Same guy after the game, whether he loses or wins, sits down, analytically goes over exactly what happened – who did what, who did what wrong – very logical, connect the dots, use stats. When it comes to this – ‘ahhhh, why does this keep happening?’ Where is that same mind applied to this?”

Elder highlighted the statistics. Police interact with civilians 60 million times a year in America. Of that, there are 11 million arrests. There are 60,000 cops assaulted. There are 1,000 civilians killed by police out of a population of 350 million. Nearly all are resisting arrest with a weapon or resisting arrest violently.

“When you get down to white cops killing unarmed black people, of that 1,000, you’re talking about less than four percent of the total and unarmed doesn’t mean not dangerous,” Elder said. “Michael Brown was unarmed, but his DNA was found on the officer’s gun. So he was reasonably perceived as a threat.”

Of the 60 cops killed last year, Elder said 40 percent were killed by blacks. Of the homicides in America, 50 percent are black victims and almost all of the black victims are killed by other blacks, he said. He said the media, though, doesn’t care unless it is a white cop killing a black person.

“That’s when they care,” he said. “You know there are more unarmed whites killed every year than unarmed blacks? Name one. The media couldn’t care less. It’s designed to manipulate you, to make you angry and the Democrats want you to be angry and pull that lever for the Democrats at 95 percent on the perception of racial injustice on the part of cops and the perception that Democrats care about that and Republicans don,” Elder said. “We are being manipulated.”

The manipulation isn’t exclusive to the Democrat Party and the media. Elder noted that in the movie “Hurricane,” it features a man who was wrongfully convicted of murdering three people.

“Except he was not wrongfully convicted of murdering three people – he murdered three people,” Elder said. “There’s a website called graphicwitness.com/carter. You can read. He flunked a polygraph. There was eyewitness testimony.”

In the movie, there’s also a scene where one character says both juries that convicted the man were all-white juries.

“The second jury had two blacks on it,” Elder said. “The reason I mention this is because you are being manipulated.”

Two films were made about the Central Park Five.

“Both complete and total BS,” Elder said. “I interviewed the lead detective by the way, who happened to be black. Neither one of them interviewed the lead detective. How do you do a film without interviewing the lead detective? How do you do that?”

When it comes to black-on-white and white-on-black crime, Elder said whites are murdered at twice the rate as blacks. Examining non-homicide violent crime, which is roughly 600,000 a year, 85-90 percent of the time the perpetrator is a black person.

“Where’s white lives matter,” Elder asked? “We are being manipulated.”

Elder then exposed what he believes are the real problems for the black community.

“The No. 1 problem in the black community is not racist cops. It’s not income inequality. It’s not climate change. The No. 1 problem facing the black community is the lack of fathers in the home,” he said. “Seventy percent of black kids are raised without fathers. Forget about Elder, Barack Obama said a kid raised without a father is five times more likely to be poor and commit a crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school, 20 times more likely to end up in jail.

“Now, the question is why have we gone from 25 percent of black kids born outside of wedlock in 1965 to 70 percent today? The answer is, it’s the welfare state. The welfare state is incentivizing women to marry the government and allowing men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility. And that’s what we ought to be talking about, but we’re not having that conversation because again, they are manipulating us.”

Elder said he thought America put a bow on racism with the election of Obama, who received a higher percentage of the white vote than John Kerry did four years earlier. Donald Trump, Elder said, received a lower percentage of the white vote than Mitt Romney did.

He then pointed to Abilene, Texas as a city with more than 100,000 voters. That city provided Trump with a large advantage in 2016.

“Guess which city of 140 years old just elected a black mayor,” he asked. “Abilene, Texas. How does a racist city that pulled the lever for Donald Trump turn around and vote for a black mayor to run the town? How does that happen?”

Of the 700 counties that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, 200 of them switched to Donald Trump in 2016.

“When were they bitten by the racist radioactive spider,” Elder asked. “We’re being manipulated. This is a country where you can realize your potential to the greatest degree in all of human history and we ought to be doing that.”

He hammered home the importance of school choice.

“Democrats opposed school choice,” Elder said.

In his former high school, three percent of students can do math at grade level. He said it is a Crip school – meaning it is run by a gang called the Crips. In Baltimore, there are 13 public schools where zero percent of kids can do math at grade level. There are six more where only one percent are able.

“What parent sends their kid to a school where zero percent of kids can do math at the grade level if they have a choice,” Elder asked. “The answer is nobody does. But the Democrat Party is mandating your kid is going to go there whether you like it or not. The Republican Party is giving you choice.”

Illegal immigration brings winners and losers, according to Elder. The winners are the illegal aliens themselves and the people who employ them at lower wages.

“The big losers are unskilled black and brown workers living in the inner-city who have to compete for jobs they would otherwise hold and whose wages are pushed downward because of the availability of illegal workers,” Elder said.

President Donald J. Trump is doing something about illegal immigration. He’s providing school choice.

“Democrats couldn’t care less,” Elder said. “Yet the black people go in there like lemmings and pull that lever 95 percent for a Party that is denying your child to get the best possible education and doesn’t care at all about the competition posed by illegal alien workers. We need to wake up.”

Elder closed by remembering his father.

“Nobody had a tougher life than my father,” he said.

His father was kicked out of the house when he was 13 by his single mother, who sided with her boyfriend at the time over his father. It was at the beginning of the Great Depression in the Jim Crow south.

His father went on to become a janitor and enlisted in the Marines.

“If anybody had a reason to be angry at the world, it’s my father,” he said.

“My father told my brothers and me the same thing all the time – ‘hard work wins. You get out of life what you put into it. You cannot control the outcome, but damn it, you are 100 percent in control of the effort. And before you moan about what somebody did to you, look in the mirror and say to yourself, what could I have done to change the outcome?’

“And finally, my father always told my brothers and me, ‘sooner or later bad things are going to happen. How you respond to those bad things will tell your mother and me if we raised a man.’

“Knowledge is power. Do not let them manipulate you.”


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