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With a government shutdown looming, U.S. Representative Zach Nunn (IA-03) introduced two bills on Wednesday to prevent politicians in Washington, D.C. from profiting while Americans across the country go without a paycheck. The bipartisan No Work, No Pay Act fines Members of Congress an amount equivalent to one day’s pay for each day of a government shutdown. The People Before Politics Act would prohibit Members of Congress from fundraising for their re-election during a shutdown.

“Our government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people,” said Rep. Nunn. “Well, the people have had enough of greedy, self-aggrandizing clowns putting their own personal profit ahead of the American people. D.C. politicians need to play by the same rules as the rest of the American people.”

During a government shutdown, federal employees across the country—including members of the Armed Forces—will have their pay suspended; however, the 27th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees pay for Members of Congress. To comply with this Constitutional requirement and also ensure that Congress isn’t profiting while the American people suffer, the bipartisan No Work, No Pay Act would impose a fine on Representatives and Senators equal to one day’s pay for each day the government is shutdown. The full text of the No Work, No Pay Act—which is co-lead by U.S. Representatives Marie Glusenkamp Perez (WA-03), Chris Pappas (NH-01), and Andrew Garbarino (NY-02)—can be found here.

Additionally, the People Before Politics Act would prohibit Members in both the House and Senate from directing or personally engaging in fundraising for their political campaign during a government shutdown. The full text of the People Before Politics Act can be found here.

Author: Press Release


  1. Nunn and Hinson are left leaning, weak politicians who consistently vote to send billions of dollars to Ukraine and continue funding absolute garbage WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S tax dollars. This obnoxious, ignorant wasteful funding of other nation’s wars on another continent in a NON- NATO country is what HURTS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Congress shouldn’t be paid 1/3 of what they are paid anyway and they should be removed based on term limits, but we don’t see Nunn bloviating over any bills with actual solutions to the real issues now do we. Get rid of Nunn and Hinson. Nunn’s nose is so brown from kissing up to McCarthy’s backside that he can’t help himself with this faux outrage. The truth is, the majority of the American people aren’t permanent government welfare dependents like politicians and those employed by a bloated federal government so we DON’T care if you shut down the government – in fact, we prefer it so spare us all with your faux outrage, Nunn, and go get a real job like the rest of the American people because you don’t serve us. You serve your donors and McCarthy because he controls most of the money used by you to campaign for re-election. This.Is.A.Fact.

    Matt Gaetz and those fighting to stop the CR (which is congress failing to do what they are required to do – pass actual budgets!) and the destruction of our nation ARE THE REPS ACTUALLY PROTECTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Nunn isn’t very smart or is he just corrupt? His repeated support by voting for constant reckless, worthless spending to fund insane wars we have nothing to do with and useless pet projects, have buried us in debt to the tune of 33 trillion +.

    Nunn only wishes he were half the man of Matt Gaetz.


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