‘OBAMAGATE’: Suddenly, the Swamp goes quiet

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For nearly 3 years, Democrats and their allies in the media lectured Americans about the seriousness of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Rarely a day went by when the false narrative didn’t appear in articles, op-eds, or liberal cable talk shows.

Now, these pundits are nowhere to be found on the subject.

Newly released transcripts might have something to do with that. As they reveal, former President Obama and Congressional Democrats have a lot of explaining to do.

It turns out there was never any shred of evidence tying then-candidate Donald Trump to a Russia collusion plot. That didn’t stop the Obama FBI from surveilling the Trump campaign, nor did it stop them from targeting Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

The Swamp wasted years of our country’s time with sham investigations. At last, they’re going to be the ones answering some tough questions for the American people.

🎬 CNN went from nonstop coverage to looking the other way

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