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Surprise guests at Turning Point USA’s America Fest 2022 in Phoenix introduced Candace Owens. Country star Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, introduced Owens. Brittany Aldean has been criticized for speaking out against radical gender theory.

“We all know how difficult it is for every single person in this room in their private capacity to stand up for truth,” Owens said of the couple. “Imagine having a platform like theirs and taking the time to stand up for what’s right. Brittany Aldean — this girl is so bullied and she stands up and she defends her kids and he stands right by his woman. This is what it means to be a man and a woman in America today.”

Owens said she flew back from Germany. When she landed there, she said her luggage was lost due to blizzards throughout Europe.

“Obviously the first thing I thought was that Sam Brinton may have gotten his sticky little fingers on my luggage,” she said. “I thought, ‘my goodness, no, no. Did Sam Brinton swipe my luggage.’”

Owens said the Left doesn’t want people to talk about Sam Brinton.

“Why,” she asked. “Because it proves that if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it might be a duck. If it looks like a crazy person and acts like a crazy person, it might be a crazy person, right? It might be a crazy person. Think about that, our tax dollars actually went to this nuclear waste guy who showed up wearing heels and lipstick and gowns, making a mockery of this country. Imagine if you’re another country and you’re sitting back and you are realizing that our government is willing to put that into the forefront, right? And then they said shame on you guys for commenting on this, because everything is just all about acceptance today, right, that’s what they say. We need to accept that he maybe has a bizarre fetish and likes to swipe woman’s luggage at the airport. It’s all about acceptance. No, actually, I don’t accept that. I don’t tolerate that around me and I don’t want it around my children. Thank you.”

The Left has gained power in the last 10 years because it has acted as bullies, Owens said. And conservatives were afraid of being called names such as bigot, racist and homophobe — so they kept quiet.

“All day long I am being accused of being different things,” she said. “I don’t care. Because that’s how they weaken you. That’s how they get you to accept people that are mentally diluted. That is why the poison of what is happening in this country has seeped into the education system. Because people are scared to speak up.”

Owens said people are uncomfortable around certain people because God gifted them with spiritual discernment.

“Spiritual discernment is what I have when I am with my children,” she said. “If I see somebody and they are acting crazy and they are talking to themselves and they are a man and they’re wearing lipstick and they’re scratching their arms like they’re a crack addict, I’ll move to the other side of the street. I’ll probably call the cops if I’m with my young children and I’ll say something’s not right with this person. That is the ability for you to listen to your senses and to make sure that you are not being hurt.

“And the Left wants to confuse that. The Left wants to call that discrimination. Yeah, you know what, you’re damn right, I discriminate against crazy and there is way too much crazy going on right now.”

She said it is crazy to go to a college campus where women have fallen for the lie of feminism that if they make themselves ugly and don’t want men around them — if they don’t shave their legs and dye their hair purple and orange — it will somehow render them happier and freer.

“That they’re sticking it to the patriarchy,” she said. “This is the idea that you learn when you’re a young woman and you’re in university, even when you’re in high school, they call this feminism when it is anything but,” she said. “Let me tell you something, it leads to a life of misery. It is why there is no woman that is more rabid and more unhappy and more sinister than the people that you see shrieking outside of the Supreme Courthouse about Brett Kavanaugh. These women are unhappy because they learned in school to fight against their biology.

“Don’t aspire to children. Don’t aspire to a husband. All of that is backwards and wrong. Don’t be cisgender, right, made up terms that they come up with. Heteronormative, made-up terms that they come up with. And so women think it’s cool to try to go in the opposite direction, until it’s too late, right? Because you listened to that dogma and you find these women later on in life and they have no family and they have no children and they’re relying on prescription drugs to get them through the day. Do not listen to that poison that you are learning in the classroom.”

Men should just “shut the valve off” when it comes to listening to the Left, she said.

“We live in a society today that hates masculinity,” she said. “That’s the truth. This is a society that tells you it’s wrong to be a man. That it’s wrong to stand up straight. That you should, I don’t know, hunch over and say sorry all of the time. Don’t hold doors for women, right? That’s a new thing that you’re learning.

“‘I’m just like a man. I can open my own door. Thank you.’ OK, you can, but why would you want to if someone’s opening it for you. So proud of you for being able to do that.”

Owens said it is important for men to remember society needs them.

“There is nothing wrong with masculinity, but it is a problem when there is a deficit of masculinity,” she said. “What we are suffering from right now, every societal ill that we are suffering from, because there’s a lot of it, right? This has become a cancerous society. It is entirely plausible that it is a terminal mind virus that we are fighting right now. Wokeism is in fact a mind virus. Elon Musk said that correctly. Everything that they do is to break down your psychological immune system.”

She said prior to social media, this kind of mental disease didn’t exist.

“We just didn’t,” she said. “I’m telling you. As kids growing up in the 90s, we were happy. We were very happy — playing hopscotch outside, a little bit of kickball, things were cool. Men were men. Women were women. Men were allowed to be men. Women were allowed to be women. I miss the 90s so much. Wow, what a golden decade.

“Something changed. You guys are now contending with a virus that is happening online. It is a social media virus that is happening and they are trying to break down your psychological immune system.”

Algorithms are used to make people aspire to bad ideas, she said.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but there just were not this many people suffering from gender dysphoria when I was coming up in high school. This is a virus that is spreading on social media because people are having their psychological immune systems broken down because they’re scrolling all day online. It’s called social media, but it inspires anti-social behavior.”

She said people are acting more extreme for attention, clicks and likes.

“If you feel lonely, you think, ‘Well, OK, if I say that I’m trans and I say that I identify as this I can find a tribe,’” she said.

Then people will praise that person. They’ll get noticed and they’ll get attention and they’ll gain followers.

“This is actually happening,” she said. “They are telling trans people that it’s brave. That you should aspire as a child to ruin the body that God gave you. They are inspiring young children who are being abused — make no mistake, these children are being abused by their parents who want to pretend, who want to virtue signal to their friends and say, ‘Oh look, I’m such an accepting mom that I’ve allowed my child to take puberty blockers, puberty blockers. It is the same drug that they give to pedophiles in prison to chemically castrate them. They are now giving this to children and lying to them and telling them that they can pause puberty. No, your puberty is not a YouTube video. You don’t get to just pause it and come back to it later.

“And then it’s like, ‘Well you don’t understand, you’re not a doctor.’ Yeah, seems nowadays that doctors don’t understand anything to be honest with you because the entire COVID situation taught us that doctors will say and do whatever they are told. Critical thinking is so rare in society.”

She turned her sights on higher education shortly after that. She said there are some good classes and some professors students may like, but for the most part, students likely sit in class wondering what the heck they’re learning.

“You enrolled into a class and they’re asking you what your pronouns are,” she said. “Huh? How could I be spending this much money to be learning from a professor who needs me to tell them what my pronouns are as if it’s not abundantly obvious? But the goal is to program kids. The goal is to program students. The goal is to program minds because your mind is susceptible to propaganda. Of course, it is. Look at what they accomplished with COVID.

“People were scared to see children breathing. You had neighbors that were calling the police on other neighbors for the crime of, they’ve got four people in the house.”

She said people were actually calling 9-1-1 during COVID. And Dr. Fauci was on CNN saying he wasn’t sure if people should see their family for Thanksgiving.

“That was a very psychological experiment and for the most part, the government won,” she said. “Make no mistake. It proves that if they say something enough times, no matter how ridiculous it is, people will believe it. People will start saying it. If you had told me 10 years ago that we would be debating whether or not men can give birth, I would’ve thought you had taken acid. That is the truth.”

Owens said the government understands how they can weaken one’s “psychological immune system.”

“‘Stay at home. Save lives,’” she said. “Say the same things over and over again. The messaging coming from people who don’t even touch their own door handles. Who are flying private. Who are going to stay on their private islands with all of their family members. Whose lives weren’t disrupted at all. But you, you’re a selfish person if you just want to go outside and breathe and open your own businesses.

“They understand how precious all of your minds are so when you are in school and you are learning something ridiculous it is so important for you to recognize propaganda when and exactly how you hear it at that exact moment to understand that is propaganda that is happening in the school system. And their goal is so obvious.”

Owens said it is always about power, ultimate governance and the government seeking to be the god and light in your life.

“In order to do that, they need you to render you useless,” she said. “It’s the reason why they’re creating meaningless degrees. Right now, in this country, we have never handed out more degrees ever in the history of this country, and yet we have never produced kids coming out of university that are so dumb. The IQ level is dropping. That is a fact. That doesn’t make sense. I people are getting dumber, how is it plausible that we are handing out more degrees? Well, because that is by design.

“The idea is to make a bunch of people that are actually really stupid. Really stupid. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to spend $100,000 on a degree in gender studies? I mean, wow, four years studying something that I learned the first day in kindergarten. That’s the girls’ bathroom, that’s the boys’ bathroom. OK, thanks. Thanks. But imagine that adult, that young adult who went to school for four years to be confused about basic facts, who spent plausibly hundreds of thousands of dollars for that meaningless degree, who then goes out into the world and then realizes that nobody wants to hire them. Because who the heck needs a gender studies major for anything. When is the last time you looked at your phone and said, ‘Oh crap, I need a gender studies major.’ Nobody, ever in the history of the world has needed a gender studies major. No one. No. No. It’s common sense. That’s not a real degree.”

Once those people are put into the world and they realize it isn’t a career path and the free market will spit them back out, they’ll grow angry and bitter.

Owens encouraged the crowd to go to a trade school and learn to work with their hands. Those who studied gender studies will get angry at those who are successful. And they’ll often think those who fix cars or air conditioners are stupid and uneducated and wonder how they can be successful.

“The only thing left for those people to do because they’re so angry is to march against life. Pick any cause and they march against it,” she said. “They’re basically letting you know that they have failed in life. And so they march against people that are too ‘normal.’ They march against people that look happy because misery loves company. And I’m telling you, do not give it to them. Do not give them that company.”

Being angry is easy right now, she said. And sometimes it seems we’re losing the country.

“The important thing is to remember that if you really want to make the Left angry, be happy,” she said. “Be happy. Laugh. Go out with your friends. Men, be strong. Women, be beautiful. Be smart. Be caretakers. Be the things that God ordained upon us. Be all of the things that make you feel good. Masculine. Feminine. Go out there and tell them that you are not only going to be you but you’re going to be you proudly. Proudly. Don’t be ashamed to love your country. Don’t be ashamed not to go along with these ridiculous agendas. Be loud. Be courageous. Don’t feel like you have to hide who you are.”

Owens said her entire life changed when she decided she would no longer shut up about what she knew to be true.


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