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Pastor Brian Gibson told his story at the Dec. 12 March For Trump Rally in Washington D.C. Pastor Gibson gave a passionate defense of the First Amendment, a brief history lesson and encouraged Christians in America to be more lion-like.

“Does anybody still love the Constitution? Does anybody still love the First Amendment? Does anybody still love the Second Amendment? Do you still love America?” he started. “Do you still bow your knee to Jesus? We don’t bow our knee to Caeser, can I get an amen?”

Gibson said he was mad because of what his own state’s health department did to him ahead of Easter Sunday.

“On Easter Sunday I blew a fuse,” Gibson said. “I put together an Easter egg giveaway — we were going to give some kids an egg in the name of Jesus. The health department called me and said if I gave those eggs away that they would shut down the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I’m gonna tell you, no one has the authority to shut down the church of the Lord Jesus Christ except Jesus Christ Himself when He returns for His church.”

Instead, Gibson organized a parking lot communion service.

“I called all of the press. I said, ‘come out, tell the governor I’m distributing the communion elements and make him come arrest me because I’d love to go to jail for the preaching of the gospel,’” Gibson said. “But he wouldn’t come to arrest me. He used to — every time I got drunk and coked-up I got arrested, what’s up with that? How many of y’all are thankful that Jesus still sets the addict free?”

That day, Gibson said, a national movement began. The website peaceablygather.com came alive and pastors were called to open their churches up across America. The group did a “Back to Church” Sunday.

On the first week, 150 churches joined. On the second week, 1,000 churches defied orders from governors and joined. And on the third week, 5,000 churches defied “tyrannical” government orders and joined.

“Come on, let the Church arise and let its enemies be scattered in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,” Gibson said.

That’s when Gibson shared his history lesson.

“You see, we stand here in black coats,” he said. “I dress in black a lot these days. There’s a group of men from American history that a lot of America, they don’t know about them. We know about Washington, we know about Adams, we know about the signers of the Declaration — but there was another group of men who thundered in the pulpits for 20 years before 1776 and they preached and they prophesied and they broke the Bread of Life and they encouraged Adams, they encouraged Washington.

“Did you know that when Paul Revere said ‘the British are coming’ he was riding to his pastor’s house? And those men began to preach out of Ecclesiastes — ‘there is a time for peace and there is a time for war.’ They began to recruit the men and the militias and they’d break the Bread of Life and they’d take off their robes, some of them would leave them on, and they would lead their men to battle. I’m gonna tell you, we need a brand new group of black-robed preachers in America that won’t be afraid, that won’t back down, that won’t shut up, that won’t lie down, that will lead the Christian army to a rightful birthright in this country.”

America, Gibson said, did not birth the Church.

“The Church birthed America,” he said. “And the only thing that will save America is the same thing that birthed America — the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the pillar and the ground of the truth. Jesus said ‘I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against Her.’ Hell can’t prevail.”

But, Gibson warned, there is a group of “wicked men” who think they’ve “stolen our republic.”

“They think they’ve pulled off the second American Revolution,” he added. “But I’m gonna tell you, God is lifting up Elijahs across this nation. God is lifting up Jehus across this nation. I’m here to tell you that Jezebel and Ahab’s hour will be short. For the people of God will keep this nation and God is going to pour out a revival in these last days.”

Jesus died for us as the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world, Gibson said. Anyone who repents of their sin and calls on His name will be forgiven.

But Jesus isn’t just a lamb.

“I said he’s not just a lamb,” Gibson said. “He is also a lion. The Bible calls Him the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Bible says the righteous are as bold as a lion. I’m looking at some lion-like patriots. I’m looking at some liberty-loving patriots. I’m looking at some lion-like Bible believers.

“Come on. We’re not going to give this land to Marxism. We’re not going to give this land to communism. We’re not going to give this land to the devil. Come on, this was founded in the Christian roots and my children are going to be raised in a Christian nation.”

Wisdom reveals to us that some are lions who need to learn when to shut up. And some are lambs who need to learn when to speak up, Gibson said.

“I’m telling you, right now in America we don’t just need a bunch of lambs — we need a bunch of lions,” he said. “I preach the gospel around the world. In communist nations, Marxists nations, Muslim nations will kill you for the preaching of the gospel. The only thing that stops us from becoming them is the First Amendment. Come on, this country is worth fighting for. This country is worth praying for. This country is worth fasting for. This country is worth dying for. And I’m telling you, we serve the God of the resurrection.”

Finally, Gibson extended an offer of help to any Christian.

“God’s raising up another group of preachers — the black-robed regiment,” he said. “If your church is not open right now, you are not led by a black-robed preacher you are led by a yellow-robed preacher and you coward preachers ought to open up your church and play the man of God, play the woman of God, don’t let the government tell you when you can and can’t preach ever again.”

Help is offered through peaceablygather.com.

Meanwhile, Gibson said he is going to launch a church in Philadelphia.

“The places they won’t open up the churches, we’re going to come and open them up right there for you because God needs His people to stand up,” Gibson said. “We’re going to launch a church very soon in Philadelphia where the nation was birthed as a prophetic act. We’re going to go where it is shut down. We’re going to birth a revival in Philadelphia in Jesus’ mighty name.”

Author: Jacob Hall