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Assistant Pastor Josh Kent spoke in defense of life on Wednesday afternoon. Kent is the assistant pastor at First Baptist Church of Urbandale.

Kent said he reads pro-life Bible verses every morning to his four daughters, who are all adopted.

“One year after I got married I was diagnosed with cancer,” Kent said. “I was told I could never have children. I come here on behalf of the children who have been murdered.”

He understands mental health and lapses in moments of weaknesses, but abortion isn’t the solution. Kent said he tells his girls every morning they are not a mistake, but they were planned by an almighty God who knew them in the womb.

“I will stand up and I will fight for that voice,” he said, referencing the millions of unborn babies aborted since Roe v. Wade. “I don’t come here with any malice, I don’t come here to push a personal opinion or an agenda — I come here as a living testimony of saving four girls from this very situation.”

He mentioned New York lighting one of the pinnacles of 9-11 pink from top to bottom to “stand for more murders.”

“Push this resolution to give these unborn babies a chance to make a difference,” he said. “Don’t tell them they’re not important. Don’t think that they’re not important.”

His four daughters, he said, were not mistakes. Instead, they were fearfully and wonderfully made.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall