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President Trump just nominated a TERRIBLE judge to the D.C. circuit court in order to replace Kavanaugh, and it is very likely that she is positioning herself to be eventually nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States if Ginsberg happens to die while Donald Trump is in office.


I am calling on everyone who hates judicial activism! I need your help to get this disturbing information in front of both of our Iowa Senators!

If you go to the link you can read something she wrote on page 1399, that is utterly HORRIBLE!

On page 1399 she writes: “…extra-legal sources can help judges to determine when a departure from past practice might be necessary-philosophy might be a vehicle for legal change. But legal reasoning includes its own processes for change, and reliance on the past does not bind judges to outmoded principles when social and political understandings have evolved.”

Later (as recently as 2013) she wrote something disturbing in the 80 Notre Dame Law Review which can be read in full here.

She refers to pro-lifers on page 231 as “anti-abortion” persons, (this is a pejorative term used by the left, and it is a term almost never used by conservatives). More disturbing, she rambles on about abortion on page 231, bioethics and court-defined dignity on page 232, and manages to treat both sides of these chilling concepts with little to no anchoring to divine natural law.

Reading her remarks begs the question whether she might also throw-in a green-blooded Vulcanesque review of Mein Kampf while she’s at it? How hard would it be to nail jello to a wall? Probably about as difficult as it will be for most to finish reading her remarks with any confidence that she is a morally sound, solid, pro-life, conservative, Ten Commandments honoring, red-blooded American.

She should be firmly resisted by Senator Joni Ernst and Senator Chuck Grassley. President Trump, yet again, is promoting another leftist into our courts, and the Evangelical fan-base will clap like seals near a fish bucket if a parachurch leader pulls out pom poms and begins to pretend she is a conservative. We must not allow this to happen, because she is not a conservative and her views of the Constitution are a threat to liberty.

The combination of these two citations from her own writings leaves no doubt in my mind that she is a progressive heretic of “Living Constitution” disrespect for our system of law. Neomi Rao embodies a disrespect for legal textualism and originalism that the late, great Antonin Scalia routinely denounced as “idiotic.”

In 2012 He told Princeton students : “The constitution is not an organism. It’s a legal text..It means today what it meant when it was adopted…Our statutes don’t morph. They don’t change meaning from age to age to comport with whatever the zeitgeist thinks appropriate…When you read Chaucer, you try to figure out what the words meant when they were put down on paper. It’s the same thing with the law.”

In contrast with Neomi Rao, Scalia knew what was at stake. He wrote in the first half of his book on originalism: “There is no other objective criteria…You either adopt originalism or essentially you say to your judges, ‘Come govern us.’”

Based upon her own writings, Neomi Rao is clearly not content to merely be a judge that accepts the limited powers afforded her by the organic law of the United States (Declaration) and the Constitution.

Heavens, no!

Rao wants to rule the people of the United States as yet another activist judge. All one must do is accept her at her word – protagonism of the living constitution cancer that has literally upended western civilization and trounced authentic liberty in all fifty states.

Exodus 18:21 is the only way to restore this Republic. You keep disobeying it, and the nation will continue to crumble.

God help us all.

Author: Cary Gordon

Cary Gordon is a tenured non-denominational pastor, who has served his local church (Cornerstone World Outreach of Sioux City) for the last 25 years. His most recent book, A Storm, A Message, A Bottle, has been highly acclaimed and endorsed by many church authorities across denominational lines. During the last election cycle, the Des Moines Register identified him as one of the 50 Most Wanted Republican influencers for presidential politics in the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucuses. He is the face of the upcoming documentary movie, Enemies Within: The Church.

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