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Henry Hewes, a Democrat running for president in 2020, issued a challenge to Sen. Bernie Sanders, one of the party’s leading contenders for the nomination.

“We agree, I am sure that this is a critical issue of our time and that it plays a large role in the campaign against President Donald J. Trump,” Hewes wrote. “I am the only legitimate pro-life candidate in the Democrat Presidential race and you are one of the most prominent candidates defending a woman’s right to choose. I think for the debate on this issue it would be good for America, good for the Democrat Party and good for both our campaigns.”

Hewes said he was sure one of the cable networks would broadcast the debate and he’d accept any debate structure Sanders would propose “anytime, anyplace, anyhow.”
Hewes offered President Trump a compliment on Twitter on April 17.

“Pro-life Republicans and Democrats CONGRATULATE President Trump for funding pro-life pregnancy organization,” Hewes wrote. “Obviously, President Trump is going to be running on pro-life issue and aggressive pro-abortion Dems are going to lose 2020.”

He added #AbortionIsNotHealthcare.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall