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Rep. Steve Holt (R-Denison) had some choice words for the Des Moines Register’s editorial board during Thursday’s committee on a bill the Register criticized on Wednesday.

“At this point perhaps a bit of education is in order for the benefit of the Des Moines Register editorial board, since they seem to be fixated on bump stocks that are already illegal in federal law and they’re twisting other aspects of the bill beyond the bounds of common sense. In calling this bill fringe legislation, that was their term, and giving me a thistle for this legislation we are currently discussing, they contradicted themselves on bump stocks, proclaiming that the bill would prohibit cities from regulating bump stocks and then only a few sentences later, saying that ‘maybe he,’ meaning me, ‘didn’t get the GOP memo that the Trump Administration already banned bump stocks nationwide.’

“Perhaps their proofreader was home sick or something that day. Unfortunately, this editorial board showed profound ignorance on firearms. So, here is my memo to the Des Moines Register editorial board. There are a myriad of accessories and modifications for firearms, not just bump stocks.”

Holt listed a few of the accessories and modifications for the Des Moines Register.

“Perhaps the Des Moines Register Editorial board should get out of their office and educate themselves on topics they wish to discuss, particularly as it pertains to firearms,” he said. “This might actually enable them to understand the thousands of common sense Iowans who no longer take them seriously because of such ridiculous out of touch editorials as the one that talked about this bill.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall