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God’s Children are not for Sale

I recently watched the movie called “The Sound of Freedom”.  It was a stirring movie about children who are trafficked in the sex slave trade and a very sad situation that it is happening today.  The saddest part of the movie was the end when the star of the show, Jim Caviezel talked about the show.  He implored people to talk about slavery and that if each of us becomes aware of slavery, perhaps we can end this modern abomination.

I know that as a legislator, I hear about slavery and human trafficking.  To be honest even the words human trafficking really makes it sound not as bad.  We should be talking about this as it is…its slavery.  We should be ensuring people are aware that slavery exists, even in the United States, the freest country in the history of the world.

While the United States prevalence of slaver is lower than some countries the slaves in those countries might be forced into labor, in the United States the slaves tend to be more along the lines of sex workers.  The United States has more slaves in the sex trade than any other in the world according to the movie.
The number of slaves that was quoted from the movie, The Sound of Freedom, was 1.3 million people world-wide are slaves.  One thing that resonated with me and I want to spread near and wide is that God’s Children are not for sale!  That is the attitude we should have every day.

While slavery in the United States is not as prevalent as some countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and others, it is happening here.  The sick part of that is most of the slaves who are exploited in the United States or who are brought here are entered into the sex trafficking field and at an astounding rate both in person and online.

In fact, the drug cartels are moving more into the slave trade because, as stated in the movie, if you smuggle drugs across the border, you can sell that drug one time but if you smuggle a person across the border, you can sell that person 4 to 5 times a day for the next 10 years.  When we look at the open borders that we have we often think about those who are coming for work.  We MUST start to look at those who don’t want to come here because they are slaves and who are trafficked 4 or 5 times per day.  What a life of misery they suffer.

In the movie, a person brought one of the children across the border with a fake passport and said that the young boy was his nephew.  In fact, the boy was a sex slave and was being brought for a meetup with an undercover police officer.  These slaves are brainwashed and coerced into this life, some are drug addicts, and they feel they have no choice, but the bottom line is they cannot get out of it on their own.

What got me in the movie is this, the star of the show kept asking this question, if it were your daughter’s bed that was empty at night, what would you do?  I think we all know the answer to that is we would all do a great many things to bring our daughter, our son, our neighbor home to sleep in their own bed.  I would recommend the Sound of Freedom and I recommend that we each do our part to protect and save those who are less fortunate than us and who suffer daily the affliction of slavery.

Author: John Wills


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