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I have long been a proponent of ensuring our border is secure.  I have been told that is not a very humanitarian stance to take.  I have even been told that it isn’t a Christian stance.  While migrants flock over our border illegally by the thousands each day, our country is bombarded with the many problems associated with people coming unchecked through our borders.

Mind you, I am not anti-immigrant.  I am very much pro-immigrant, to the point of saying that we need migrants coming into our country.  The immigrants must, however, do so in a legal manner.  Right now, the Federal government does not have the will or the ability to pass any meaningful laws on immigration and so we are stuck with broken and ineffective laws.  Just because they are broken and ineffective, however, does not mean that those in power should not enforce them.  All elected officials in Washington D.C. have sworn an oath to uphold the laws of the country and the Constitution.  They are failing in a big way!

It is time to stand united and stop the Biden Administration’s open border policies.  We need strong laws that clearly state that our government services, school, medical aid, and social services, etc. are for resident citizens or legal immigrants only and not for illegal aliens that have by-passed federal existing laws to arrive in America illegally.   Let’s protect the land our founding fathers and God created!

The issue of illegal immigration is incredibly complex and nuanced.  It’s important to acknowledge this complexity before diving into the potential downsides.  However, those migrants coming across our border are being trafficked by the drug cartels, just like the dangerous drugs they pedal, and they have found another product to smuggle across our border and that is humans.

Many women and children who come across our border have been sexually molested or worse.  I have heard the figure of as many as 30 percent of women are raped or must submit to sex as part of the payment for coming across the border.  I am not certain of that 30% number but isn’t one woman or child being used as a sex object one too many.  It is atrocious that our Federal Government, or anyone is in favor of this.  Governments number one job is to protect the citizens who are here and defend our borders against foreign threats.

When we look at immigration we must look to national security as a reason to secure our border.  Last year over 37,000 Chinese Nationals came across our border to claim asylum.  How many of them are here to harm our country either through theft of our technology or through nefarious means.  It is safe to say that a majority of those people are not here for the good of our Country.
The debate over illegal immigration is often framed as a federal versus state issue, but the reality is much more nuanced. Both levels of government have roles to play, and the optimal approach likely involves a combination of federal leadership, state flexibility.

It’s important to remember that immigration is a complex issue with no easy answers. Engaging in civil and respectful dialogue, considering all sides of the argument, and recognizing the human element behind the statistics are crucial steps towards finding solutions that are effective, humane, and beneficial for both our country and the individuals seeking a better life here.  We simply cannot have millions of people each year pouring across our borders unchecked.  It isn’t good for our country, and it isn’t good for the illegal immigrants who are often the victims of robbery, rape, slavery, and murder along the way.  It certainly isn’t humane.

Author: John Wills


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