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I have watched with fascination the fearmongering from the media and others these last few weeks regarding the uptick of COVID 19 cases.  This fearmongering includes those in the Biden administration who have been very inconsistent in their messaging.  Let’s look at the numbers to see what is happening because it is important to compare apples to apples.

First, we are experiencing an uptick of COVID 19 right now and we should take that seriously and protect our health and that of others.  I believe that each person must make informed choices regarding their health with their own, trusted, medical professional.  This informed choice includes using masks, getting the vaccine for COVID, and other health-related issues where appropriate.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on T.V. and there are many issues I simply do not understand and am not qualified to give advice on.  I am a scientist though and I do understand the numbers.  I found all the data I am discussing in this article on Iowa COVID-19 Information – Case Counts so don’t take my word for it, go and check the data out yourself.

When we are talking about the uptick in COVID cases let’s look at what we really are talking about.  At the peak of COVID infections in Iowa, last November we were experiencing a huge number of cases.  On November 16, 2020 there were 63,400 positive cases across the state.  This included 1,610 hospitalizations and over 849 deaths on that date.

Listening to the media and others one would think we are experiencing a similar explosion of cases across the state.  In comparison, on July 26, 2021 there were 433 positive cases in Iowa.  That is much less than 1% of the positive cases in November 2020.  In addition, we have 43 people in the state who are hospitalized and 0 deaths.  This is not nearly the peak, we experienced less than a year ago.

We would all like to see COVID numbers go down, and not the current upward trend that we are seeing.  I recommend that each person evaluate their life and risks in consultation with their doctor.  Wear a mask if that is where your level of risk is, get vaccinated if your trusted medical doctor advises it, and always stay vigilant.

We are hearing a lot about the Delta Variant and how much more contagious it is.  Dr. Jennifer Lighter, a pediatric infections disease specialist said that the delta variant, “while it is certainly more contagious doesn’t appear to be more dangerous”.  With that said, most hospitalizations and deaths of people from COVID-19 in the U.S. are occurring in unvaccinated people.

Even in those who have been vaccinated and who catch the virus the symptoms are typically much less in a vaccinated person.  This all points to people being vaccinated as the best way to protect one’s self and my advice, as a non-medical person, is to consult with your trusted medical advisor for the best possible course of action for you and your family.

The federal government continues to offer a garbled COVID-19 message and that message undermines its credibility and sow’s confusion about the pandemic.  I have offered data straight from the state of Iowa database, which each of you can go to and research for yourself that show an uptick in cases of Coronavirus in recent weeks.  With that information, I implore each of you to act accordingly and consult with your medical advisor who knows you and can give you the best advice for your situation and life.

Author: John Wills