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Despite repeatedly emphasizing  the “urgency” of impeachment , Democrats are only moving the impeachment sham to the Senate after an extended delay, a gamble which Democrats have described as a “failed strategy.” Nancy Pelosi and her far-left caucus were clearly embarrassed with their case, which had the “thinnest record” for impeachment ever.

Democrats know they have no chance of beating President Trump at the ballot box and are instead attempting to overthrow the will of the American people through impeachment. Americans see the impeachment charade for what it is: a cynical political show devoid of facts and driven by far-left ideologues.

The fact of the matter is that President Trump’s approval ratings have continued to rise throughout this impeachment circus, and the Democrats have fatally overextended themselves with impeachment becoming liable to “negatively affect the Democratic Party.”

Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump since his 2016 election. Faced with a field of lackluster candidates unable to compete with President Trump’s successful record, they have resorted to overthrowing the will of American voters. This un-Democratic gambit is doomed to fail.


Author: Press Release