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Did you hear from Rep. Abby Finkenauer yesterday? Neither did her constituents.

As the House impeachment vote loomed, Rep. Finkenauer was hiding from her decision to support Nancy Pelosi’s baseless witch hunt.

Despite hours of floor speeches from House Democrats, vulnerable members like Rep. Finkenauer were nowhere to be found to publicly explain their spineless support of the House vote for impeachment. Maybe because they realized just how unpopular this partisan impeachment sham is among their constituents back home.

“If yesterday’s sham of an impeachment vote was as serious a matter as House Democrats claimed, where was Rep. Finkenauer to defend their irresponsible vote to their constituents,” asked RNC Spokesperson Preya Samsundar. “These cowards were already running scared from their decision to abandon their districts in favor of this partisan warfare – even before the ink was dry.”


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