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Joe Biden has had nearly five decades to produce a plan that will help Americans feel financially confident, yet has never been successful. 

In Joe Biden’s America, taxes will go through the roof for job creators and the middle class. In his plan, the U.S. GDP would shrink 1.51% and more than 500,000 Americans would lose their jobs. 

Biden has also vowed that the first thing he will do in office is repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a move that will increase taxes on 82% of middle-class Americans, an average of $1,200. Biden would also raise taxes on more than 22 million working families who benefit from the doubled Child Tax Credit, earning primarily between $50,000 and $100,000, by more than $26 billion.

In addition to raising our taxes, Biden will have to implement even MORE taxes to help pay for his pricey socialist agenda like the $93 trillion Green New Deal and $2.25 trillion government run healthcare plan.

BOTTOM LINE: Iowans support President Trump’s America First agenda that has put more money in their wallets. Joe Biden and his radical economic plan would devastate middle-class America.