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As America begins to open its doors and folks across the country get back to work, we are seeing signs of the beginning of the great American comeback.

Just days ago, we saw the unparalleled strength of the American economy in the May Jobs Report. While talking heads predicted a staggering loss of 7+ million jobs, analysts were left stunned as Trump’s economy ADDED 2.5 million jobs.

Yet, the recovery of our country’s economy from the coronavirus pandemic could be permanently halted if Joe Biden was in charge. While the president has worked to pass stimulus legislation that would provide direct help to workers and help the American small business stay afloat as states shut their doors, Joe Biden’s presence was a constant reminder of all the jobs that our country would lose and all the taxes that would be raised. 

While a Biden Green New Deal would no doubt hurt key industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and energy, let’s not forget his pledge to kill hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs in the name of climate change. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has proposed repealing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that provided relief for middle-class families in favor of tax increases worth $4 trillion

Bottom Line: Between Joe Biden and President Trump, Americans trust the president to lead them to economic success – and it’s no surprise as to why. President Trump’s promises made, promises kept agenda will always put the financial wellbeing of the American worker first, while Joe Biden’s agenda would only cement our country in a financial recession.


Author: Press Release