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While I have been in Ukraine, I have been closely following the plight of service members being forced out of the United States military because they refuse the Covid vaccine. What is happening to these American patriots is absolutely despicable, and the most shameful thing I have seen done to American military personnel since the Vietnam war.

Some will say these people are disobeying a direct order, and these troops deserve to be thrown out as a consequence. Those who would take such a position on this vital national security matter are demonstrating a shocking degree of ignorance. They clearly do not possess an understanding of our department of defense, and the many federal laws and regulations that are supposed to govern it.


The Secretary of Defense and the Commander in Chief are both ignoring these rules wholesale. DoD vaccine policy is instead being done with guidance “memos” violating both federal laws and DoD regulations. This morning, the White House Press Secretary said on live television “we knew this was going to happen” when reporting the President had contracted Covid despite being given four doses of the vaccine. She went on to say “everyone at some point is going to get Covid.”

The Biden administration obviously understands the Covid vaccine does not work. It doesn’t prevent infection. It doesn’t prevent someone with Covid from infecting others. A growing number of studies indicate being vaccinated may put someone at a greater risk of a bad outcome from this virus. The vaccine has caused injury and death in a growing number of otherwise young, healthy people. Scores of studies clearly show that natural immunity provides the best protection, which isn’t surprising as this has always been the case. Unfortunately, getting a blood test and proving you have natural immunity will not prevent you from being punished and discharged from the military.

I have never seen the focus of a DoD policy be for the sake of punishment alone, but that is what this is. There is no force protection purpose for this policy. No other military on Earth treats it’s members like this over the Covid vax. All four branches of our military are not meeting recruiting and retention goals. Moral is falling. Combat readiness is being severely degraded. Families are being up-ended and the careers of some of the most highly trained warriors in the world are being destroyed. All of this is happening at a time when the world has suddenly become a lot more dangerous. There are ZERO good reasons to destroy our military with this insane vax mandate.

The recent federal court injunction against the US Air Force’s enforcement of the policy is being ignored by DoD. I am therefore forced to conclude the Commander in Chief and Secretary of Defense wish to deliberately harm the national security of the United States.

I have never seen a President treat the US military in this way. I pray the new congress has the votes to over-ride his veto and restore these patriots to their rightful place without further harm being done to their careers, and the nation’s defense. In the meantime, I hope I can find allies in Nebraska’s federal congressional delegation and in our legislature to help these families. Offutt Air Force Base provides nearly $3B in economic impact to Nebraska’s GDP. The Nebraska National Guard adds a considerable amount to that number as well, while also being ready to help Nebraska when disaster strikes. It’s time we step up and defend the Nebraskan’s we ask to defend us, and put a halt to this treasonous persecution of our military.

Author: Tom Brewer

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  1. As there is no logical reason for weakening our national security, it can only be by design in lockstep to bring down our national sovereignty to make way for the Great Reset and one world government.

    Fortunately, we have millions of patriotic vets that can step into the void to protect our nation. Unfortunately, our 5 DIABLOs — Demonrat In All But Label Only — in DC, KNOWINGLY, passed Red Flag laws to target these vets and further leave the US defenseless.

    Thankfully, Trump vowed yesterday to reinstate the discharged soldiers. He should have gone a step further and promised to automatically promote them two ranks for having the courage and wisdom to defy unlawful orders from their chain of command.

    And furthermore, demote the compliant officers to Private and terminate them. The military is no place for woke butt-kissing yes men. Not when they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend the nation from enemies, foreign or domestic.

    Instead of indoctrinating soldiers about white privilege, CRT and queer gender studies; soldiers and officers should be receiving annual lessons on the Constitution and our priceless rights and privileges as members of We The People. The same People who instituted our federal government to serve us within certain enumerated powers and nothing else.


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