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The First Amendment, among other things, protects the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Peaceful protests have advanced the cause of many issues throughout the history of our nation! Yet, today we are witnessing peaceful protests turn into anarchy, vandalism, looting, intimidation, and blocking traffic.

Just a few days ago, protesters resorted to unlawful conduct when they blocked the entrance to HyVee in Des Moines, and subsequently destroyed a patrol vehicle. At the time, our law enforcement were forced to stand down and allow this criminal activity to occur!

Our nation is built on the foundation of the rule of law! Sadly, it appears my opponent doesn’t agree. In fact, he posted the following statement which reads in part, “I commend the members of the Des Moines Police Department and local leaders on their restraint and clear demonstration of de-escalation skills. The situation at the Park Avenue Hy-Vee easily could have led to violence. Instead, it ended peacefully.”

My opponent fails to recognize that there is nothing peaceful about everyday Iowans being blocked from buying groceries, there is nothing peaceful about committing a felony while destroying a patrol car, and there is nothing peaceful about shutting down a business. Crime is not peaceful!

I need your help today! We can’t allow the liberal media or my opponent to push an agenda of appeasement! Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with me in the fight for the rule of law?

Join #TeamChapman today in defense of the rule of law!



Jake Chapman

Author: Jake Chapman