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Senator Zach Wahls (D-Coralville) shared stories he had from people around the state who are thankful for the sex education provided. There are at least two worth highlighting.

Someone from Anthon, Iowa wrote they are a parent of teen girls. And…

“Without sex education and Planned Parenthood my daughters would not be educated on sex, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, healthy relationships or ways to avoid pregnancy. These are all important to keeping these girls healthy physically and emotionally.

Emily from Ankeny wrote that she was required to take geometry in school but wasn’t even offered sex education.

“Guess which one was more relevant to my adult life.”

I’m not sure if Wahls was continuing to read or simply interjecting when he said “pretty easy guess.”

Wahls said the transition surgeries are medically necessary. He also said he had concerns about how the business community would react to Iowa if it rolls back civil rights laws.

“The sanction is not because of some kind of vendetta,” Wahls said. “It’s because these organizations know that they don’t want to do business in a state that does not value civil rights.”