Senate Sessions: Bills destined for subcommittee Thursday, Jan. 24

A few interesting bills debut in Senate subcommittee meetings today

About a dozen bills will make their way into an Iowa Senate subcommittee meeting today. Among them are a pair of bills dealing with bicycles. But heading up the list are a pair of bills that come from Sen. Brad Zaun. One deals with health care and the other with the opportunity for some to obtain a professional permit to carry weapons.

Senate File 19 was filed by Sen. Zaun. SF 19 relates to the disclosure of the prices charged for health services rendered by health care providers and hospitals.

Senate Study Bill 1007 was proposed by Sen. Zaun. SSB 1007 is an act allowing county attorneys and assistant county attorneys to obtain a professional permit to carry weapons.

Senate File 2 was filed by Sen. Mark Lofgren. This bill relates to the safe operation of bicycles.

Senate File 51 was filed by Sen. Zach Whiting. It’s an act relating to lighted lamps on bicycles and bicycle riders.

Senate File 48 was proposed by Sen. Jake Chapman. It’s an act to exclude equine boarding from the annual lease termination requirements for farm tenancies.

Senate Study Bill 1014 was proposed by Sen. Brad Zaun. The bill relates to the definition of vulnerable elder.

Senate Study Bill 1015 is another bill proposed by Sen. Zaun. The act relates to the exploitation of a dependent adult by a caretaker.

Senate Study Bill 1024 was proposed by Sen. Tim Kapucian. It’s an act relating to electric standup scooters.

Senate Study Bill 1032 was proposed by Sen. Amy Sinclair. It’s an act relating to incentives for whole grade sharing and school district reorganization or dissolution.

Senate Study Bill 1033 was proposed by Sen. Amy Sinclair. It’s an act relating to special minor’s driver’s licenses for students attending accredited nonpublic schools.

Senate Study Bill 1031 was proposed by Sen. Sinclair as well. The act relates to assessment scores set by the Department of Education for successful completion of a practitioner preparation program and for initial teacher licensure.

Senate Study Bill 1044 was proposed by Sen. Chapman. It relates to the division of domestic stock insurers.

Senate Study Bill 1035 was proposed by Sen. Chapman as well. The act modifies provisions relating to the regulation and sale of certain fireworks.



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