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Senate subcommittees today will deal with a variety of issues. One would relate to the Iowa Sobriety and Drug Monitoring program. Some modest tax bills are on the schedule as well. The day will conclude with a subcommittee on an education funding bill.

SSB 1060: Senate Study Bill 1060 was proposed by Sen. Roby Smith. It’s an act relating to digitization of all records maintained at the Department of Human Services local office locations.

This bill requires the Dept. of Human Services to implement a process to provide that by July 1, 2024.

SSB 1057: Senate Study Bill 1057 was proposed by the Dept. of Corrections. It’s an act relating to the criminal elements for the commission of sexual misconduct with offenders.

SSB 1055: Senate Study Bill 1055 was filed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It’s an act relating to the Iowa sobriety and drug monitoring program.

SSB 1049: Senate Study Bill 1049 was proposed by the Dept. of Transportation. It’s an act relating to commercial driver’s license requirements.

SF 149: Senate File 149 was filed by Sen. Rich Taylor. It’s an act authorizing a city or county to provide a property tax exemption for value added by improvements to residential property that is a public nuisance.

SF 45: Senate File 45 was filed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It’s an act requiring search warrants for certain activities under the jurisdiction of the natural resource commission.

SSB 1047: Senate Study Bill 1047 was proposed by Sen. Tim Kapucian. It’s an act relating to lighting devices and reflectors on snow plows.

SJR 2: Senate Joint Resolution 2 was proposed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It proposes and amendment to the Iowa Constitution relating to the state budget by creating a state general fund expenditure limitation.

SSB 1084: Senate Study Bill 1084 was proposed by the Economic Development Authority. It’s an act relating to bioscience-based economic development, the establishment of a bioscience development corporation, and membership on the Iowa Innovation Council.

SF 84: Senate File 84 was filed by Sen. Mark Segebart. It’s an act providing for the designation of a lay caregiver relating to a patient’s inpatient stay at a hospital.

SSB 1058: Senate Study Bill 1058 was proposed by the Dept. of Public Safety. It’s an act relating to criminal trespass while hunting, fishing or trapping.

SSB 1098: Senate Study Bill 1098 was proposed by Sen. Randy Feenstra. It’s an act relating to the increased expensing allowing deduction by corporations, financial institutions and partnerships and limited liability companies taxed as corporations.

SSB 1062: Senate Study Bill 1062 was proposed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It’s an act including personal degradation of a dependent adult as a form of dependent adult abuse by a caretaker regulated by the Dept. of Human Services.

SF 172: Senate File 172 was filed by Sen. Amy Sinclair. It’s an act relating to public school funding by establishing the state percent of growth and the categorical state percent of growth for the budget year beginning July 1, 2019.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall