SENATE SUBS: Bill prohibiting burden of person’s free exercise of religion in Wednesday subcommittee

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Iowa Senate subcommittee meetings for Wednesday, Feb. 9:

8 a.m. – SSB 3068 – A bill for an act modifying the definitions of essential county purpose and essential corporate purpose to include cybersecurity purposes.  Nunn – CHGiddens Johnson


8:30 a.m. – SSB 3088 – A bill for an act relating to scrap metal transactions, including by regulating the sale of catalytic converters to scrap metal dealers and providing for recordkeeping requirements, providing penalties, and making penalties applicable.  Brown – CHKoelker Lykam

8:30 a.m. – SSB 3104 – A bill for an act relating to entities supported in whole or in part by public moneys, including the sale of public bonds, the duties and responsibilities of school boards, school districts, the department of education, the board of educational examiners, and accredited nonpublic schools, and the membership of county conference boards.  Cournoyer – CHSmith, J. Taylor, J.

8:30 a.m. – SF 2169 – A bill for an act relating to assisted reproduction fraud, and providing penalties.  Sweeney – CHCostello Ragan

10:30 a.m. – SF 2085 – A bill for an act prohibiting litigation financing contracts.  Nunn – CHGoodwin Quirmbach

11 a.m. – SF 2010 – A bill for an act relating to safety and sanitation criteria for tattooing establishments, and including effective date provisions.  Green – CHBolkcom Rowley

11 a.m. – SSB 3089 – A bill for an act relating to restrictions regarding companies boycotting Israel.  Guth – CHBoulton Smith, R.

11 a.m. – SF 2144 – A bill for an act relating to flashing lights equipped on motor vehicles, and making penalties applicable.  Shipley – CHDriscoll Lykam

11:30 a.m. – SSB 3087 – A bill for an act providing for the removal of municipal utility board members under specified circumstances and including effective date provisions.  Garrett – CHHogg Williams

12 p.m. – SF 2112 – A bill for an act directing the department of education to convene an achievement gap working group.  Taylor, J. – CHCarlin Giddens

12 p.m. – SF 2170 – A bill for an act prohibiting the burdening of a person’s free exercise of religion.  Garrett – CHHogg Williams

12:30 p.m. – SF 241 – A bill for an act relating to the dissemination and exhibition of obscene material to a minor by the parent or guardian of the minor, and providing penalties.(Formerly SF 45.)  Shipley – CHBisignano Taylor, J.

12:30 p.m. – SF 2166 – A bill for an act concerning compensation and benefits limits, relating to the earnings limitation for retirees under the Iowa public employees’ retirement system and compensation limits for school corporation board members.  Goodwin – CHBoulton Cournoyer

1 p.m. – SF 2136 – A bill for an act relating to elective social studies courses emphasizing religious scripture that school districts may offer and teach.  Taylor, J. – CHJohnson Quirmbach

1 p.m. – SF 2119 – A bill for an act relating to cosmetology and the practice of threading.  Cournoyer – CHBisignano Koelker

1 p.m. – SSB 3101 – A bill for an act relating to motor vehicle body damage repairs performed under a motor vehicle insurance policy and deceptive acts or practices by motor vehicle insurers.  Klimesh – CHLykam Rozenboom

1:30 p.m. – SF 2203 – A bill for an act relating to meetings of the boards of directors of school districts and including effective date provisions.  Goodwin – CHSmith, J. Zaun

1:30 p.m. – SF 2172 – A bill for an act relating to alcoholic beverage control concerning the sale of beer and liquor for resale.  Cournoyer – CHBisignano Koelker

2 p.m. – SSB 3109 – A bill for an act relating to statutory corrections which may adjust language to reflect current practices, insert earlier omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and conflicts, update ongoing provisions, or remove ambiguities, and including retroactive applicability provisions.  Zaun – CHBolkcom Dawson

2 p.m. – SSB 3028 – A bill for an act relating to the records of the Iowa public broadcasting board.  Reichman – CHBisignano Smith, R.

2:15 p.m. – SSB 3110 – A bill for an act relating to nonsubstantive Code corrections, and including retroactive applicability provisions.  Zaun – CHBolkcom Dawson

2:30 p.m. – SSB 3112 – A bill for an act relating to the administration of medical cannabidiol by educational institutions and long-term care facilities.  Zaun – CHBolkcom Sinclair

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