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The Sioux City Police Department posted a link to the state of Iowa’s website to report food businesses in Iowa that violate COVID restrictions.

“Bars, restaurants and other food establishments that are violating the latest Governor’s proclamation can be reported through the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals website at the following link…”

The link takes you to a page outlining that restaurants and bars are required to adhere to social distancing protocols to remain open. Indoor gatherings are limited to 15 or fewer, and outdoor gatherings are limited to 30 or fewer people. Both guests and staff must wear masks when not eating and drinking.

Those snitching are required to fill in what county the establishment is located in, the name of the establishment, the address of the establishment and what violation was observed.

Here are the choices for violations:

*Groups or individuals eating/drinking alone are not seated at least six feet apart from other groups or individuals eating/drinking alone;

*There are more customers in the establishment than there are seats available;

*Customers are being allowed to congregate together (outside their group) closer than six feet;

*The bar/restaurant is not performing necessary hygiene measures;

*Groups are being seated that are larger than eight people and not of the same household;

*Individuals are being allowed to sit at the establishment’s bar;

*Staff or patrons are not wearing a mask when they are not eating or drinking.

Other information that is required includes date of violation, time of day when violations were observed and if management was notified or aware of the violation.

Finally, the complainant’s name, phone number and email are required.

The website also asks for supporting photo or video evidence of the violation.

“The images should be time-stamped or encoded. Please note that reports that include photo or video evidence of any violations will receive priority,” the website says.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall