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Jim Carlin’s new bill he drafted to “create a working group to study the impact of technology on children’s cognitive function”…”The bill passed unanimously in the Senate” and Jim is “ confident Governor Reynolds will sign it into law.” Shall taxpayers pay for this working group? How many hours will they “study” this “problem”? When do we know when they are done? What does the Iowa Legislature plan to do with this information? Will you write a bill on how many hours kids can use technology once you decide what is best for them?


This is an issue for parents, not the Legislature. There was a time when people called reading novels a waste of time, especially for young women. Technology is not to blame; it is the content of that technology. One can watch porn or learn a new recipe, one can watch shows on vanity or learn scientific concepts. If anyone is reading your article they are using technology. Like with anything there is choice involved.

This bill is an example of one of the many ways that our lawmakers waste our tax money. I only can hope Iowa will wake up and hold these lawmakers accountable. There are many real issues our lawmakers have completely avoided like the stolen election yet fritter away their time and our resources on issues like whether or not people can sell raw cow’s milk. Like it was ever the Legislature’s job to make a call on that. Goodness, next you’ll be writing bills on how much sugar I can borrow from my neighbor.

Freedom and liberty are about people being able to choose for themselves. If a law does not stem from the laws of God, then it is based only on human pride and need for control over the lives of others. Being a great lawmaker calls for wisdom.

Author: Janna Swanson

Janna Swanson helps her husband Paul farm in NW Iowa with their two young daughters. Since 2013 Janna has volunteered her time and energy for her community. She was a key member of the Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance that protected landowners from the Rock Island Clean Line. From there she helped start and facilitated the grassroots group, The Coalition for Rural Property Rights to help protect community members from industrial wind installations. She is also a board member of National Wind Watch, a 25-year online collection of information of the industrial wind opposition from around the world. Most importantly Janna is a follower of Christ and seeks to help others to know and understand Him. Yet because she is also seeking deepening her own knowledge and understanding she welcomes critical, constructive debate. No one has the corner on truth, we all see “through a glass, darkly”. (I Corinthians 13:12)

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  1. Exactly right! Both parties seek a government remedy of their Marxist preference for just about anything these days. We must get the governments permission or else. When I hear a politician say, “we need to empower parents,” for example, I immediately think you don’t empower anyone according to the 9th Amendment. Government is empowered “by consent of the People” according to the Declaration of Independence. And the government has no business or jurisdiction in the family unless they usurp that authority. Iowa families have been sold out this session for hurtful words against LGBTQ, the parasitic mental illness that harms children. Why not deflect to something else like Big Tech and tamper with another parental right?

  2. The question that no one is asking… Forget about ‘stare decis’, precedent, emanations and penumbras; just where in Iowa’s Constitution did we entrust state congress to do this “for us”?

    From the Preamble: “WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF IOWA, grateful to the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuance of those blessings, do ordain and establish a free and independent government, by the name of the STATE OF IOWA, the boundaries whereof shall be as follows:”

    Article I of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Bill of Rights.” It has 25 sections and describes the rights of the citizens of Iowa in great detail.

    Article II of the Iowa Constitution is entitled “Right of Suffrage.” It has seven sections and details the rights of suffrage and the election process.

    Article III of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Of the Distribution of Powers” and consists of two parts: “Three Separate Departments” and “Legislative Department.”
    The first part consists of one section dividing the government into three separate branches.
    The second part consists of 42 sections.

    Article IV of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Executive Department.” It has 22 sections and establishes the executive department and outlines the powers of the governor.

    Article V of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Judicial Department.” It has 19 sections and establishes the court system of the judicial department.

    Article VI of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Militia.” It has three sections and concerns the state militia.

    Article VII of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “State Debts.” It has 10 sections and deals with state debts.

    Article VIII of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Corporations.” It has twelve sections and concerns the formation of corporations, as well as their privileges and limitations.

    Article IX of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Education and School Lands.” It has two parts. The first part, Education, has 15 sections. The second part, School Funds and School Lands, has seven sections. This article concerns the public school system of Iowa.

    Article X of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Amendments to the Constitution.” It has three sections and governs the ways in which the state’s constitution can be changed over time and describes how constitutional amendments are made.

    Article XI of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Miscellaneous.” It has eight sections and contains miscellaneous governmental provisions.

    Article XII of the Iowa Constitution is labeled “Schedule.” It includes text that used to be in the constitution and was designed to ease the transition from territory to state.

    It would be great if any of our servants that we entrusted to do our work can point to any place in the above Constitution, and only the Constitution, that authorizes each and everything they do on our behalf and to be impartial about it.

    Such as writing laws that mandate a sovereign people with inalienable rights (remedial English for those that don’t understand the meaning of ‘inalienable’, means rights that come from God, not government and that government is inferior to We the People who willed the government into being to serve and protect our liberties) wear a filthy rag on our face, that we can take this treatment but not that.

    That a corporate business can stay open, but a Mom & Pop must close.

    That a strip bar can stay open, but not a church.

    That we must buy this but not that.

    To subsidize a thing that the majority wouldn’t buy of their own freewill.

    That we must trust science, rather than God.

    That “free speech” protects pornography and other destructive activities, when it is We the People who originally defined free speech. And if we the people say X doesn’t qualify as free speech and is repugnant, then our servants had better listen up and step to it.

    There’s a reason why people tarred and feathered scoundrels in the past until duplicitous legislators made laws in order to protect themselves and their villiany.

    These inferior servants dangle the carrot of security in exchange for our giving up some liberty and we end up with neither. As thousands of people who can’t comment because they’re no longer amongst us, held hostage by hospitals and forced to take remdesivir instead of the ivermectin they wanted.

    Just stop it. Stop trying to protect us from fear when we can decide for ourselves what is best. And concentrate only on protecting our liberties and our properties. It’s that simple.


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