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Iowa has to tear down its own Swamp. It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results yet if our elections are truly secure in Iowa, we keep voting in the same group of insiders over and over again. They have their own top-tier group of people who all know each other. That is the point of secret societies like the Freemasons. The members can help each other up, keep each other’s secrets and come to the other members’ defense. In the Freemasons, the penalty of breaking your oath is a gory death according to their own books. There is no room for a follower of Christ in a “society” such as this.

Our Iowa insiders have pricey degrees, money and connections. They pass bills to help their members take from the public coffers and keep themselves in power yet the people tend to keep voting for whoever the insiders offer as a candidate. All the GOP groups tend to back that person and give them money. I wrote Senator Chuck Grassley and asked him if he is a 33rd degree Freemason. He freely admitted he is. He understands how this secret system works very well. In fact, he is called a “king-maker”, our obedient lawmakers seem scared silly to go against him. They want to keep their jobs, their power and keep their wheels being greased. I am skeptical of anyone who has maintained their position in the Machine.


Senator Grassley calls the Global Cabal a “conspiracy theory” when Trump clearly said on national television that he “caught the Global Cabal”. Evidence of the Global Cabal/ The Illuminati is wide. Anyone who calls it a conspiracy theory at this late date is ridiculous.

Senator Grassley believes in Climate Change when Trump called it a hoax. Senator Grassley has led Iowa’s economy to be incredibly dependent on the Climate Change Agenda. This is an un-Godly agenda with no end. It takes both our money and our freedoms.

Senator Grassley believes that the 2020 Presidential elections were secure and that Joe Biden won. He believes that Michael Lindell’s claims were fraudulent. Grassley offered no proof of his position, just his puffed-up opinion. Is the integrity of our elections so trivial to him?

Q has said that Grassley can be trusted and it makes me question the judgment of the mysterious Q.

I wish I knew why President Trump endorsed Grassley.  At Trump’s rally in Des Moines, I watched as Grassley ungraciously accepted Trump’s endorsement. Even the applause was subdued and there was booing as many Patriots already have noted Chuck’s bi-partisan Socialist policies. I hope Grassley has been put into submission to Trump.

It is difficult to know who to trust these days. I have decided that the best course of action is to lean deep into God and draw towards those who do the same. Not church, not religion, just God and His Word. In His Word, I am finding a clearer plumb line to measure policies and opinions by. I wish more of our lawmakers would do the same. Followers of Christ ought to be clear and unapologetic in their allegiance to Him. Grassley is no king-maker compared to the King of kings, Lord of lords.

Author: Janna Swanson

Janna Swanson helps her husband Paul farm in NW Iowa with their two young daughters. Since 2013 Janna has volunteered her time and energy for her community. She was a key member of the Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance that protected landowners from the Rock Island Clean Line. From there she helped start and facilitated the grassroots group, The Coalition for Rural Property Rights to help protect community members from industrial wind installations. She is also a board member of National Wind Watch, a 25-year online collection of information of the industrial wind opposition from around the world. Most importantly Janna is a follower of Christ and seeks to help others to know and understand Him. Yet because she is also seeking deepening her own knowledge and understanding she welcomes critical, constructive debate. No one has the corner on truth, we all see “through a glass, darkly”. (I Corinthians 13:12)

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  1. As a kid, I used to think the “Grand Poohbah” was just a dude in a silly Beefeater hat down at the Order of the Buffalo Lodge in The Flintstones cartoon. Little did I know…

    To paraphrase Matt 6:24, One can’t serve God and protect We The People’s unalienable rights/liberties, while serving lobbyists schemes to exfilitrate $$$ from the taxpayers. Which is why the Constitution is clearly against subsidies, and yet, here we are, the common man, struggling and oppressed.

    It’s time for a new generation in office that will remember the Forgotten Americans!


  2. Totally agree. GRASSLEY is no friend of freedom and truth. Anyone that is a 33 degree mason is not governing in the interest of America. Jim Carlin is running against Chuck GRASSLEY in the primary in June. Do your homework and compare how Chuck GRASSLEY voted and how Carlin has voted in The Iowa Senate and the bills he has put forward. Carlin is the clear choice for Iowans that want freedom and truth, for starters.

  3. Except that Carlin still clearly believes in the Climate Change Agenda which is just as dangerous as believing in lockdowns and mandates for Covid. His website states, ” During the next 40 years, the world will be weaning itself from dependence on fossil fuels, and increasing its reliance on renewable energy technologies. Farmers deserve to profit through the sale of electricity generated by wind, the sale of biomass energy produced by plants and organic waste, and incentives to install solar panels to help cut electricity and heating costs.” He refuses to even answer what he believes about Climate Change. I have asked him here three times.

    Taxpayers pay for all of that. It is not a Free-market agenda. it is Socialist at best. I want people in office that trust in God. Voting for him changes nothing.


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