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The Polk County Democrats have a pretty active Facebook page. It was about eight months ago when the Polk County Democrats posted this picture:

The Iowa Standard shared that photo on our Facebook page to let our readers see how the Left was wasting no time politicizing a fatal shooting in America.

After all, “never allow a crisis to go to waste,” right?

Anyway, the Polk County Democrats are now “highlighting more and more of the extreme source material directly from Iowa Republicans.”

One of my favorite lines from their post is where they ask if they’re showing “how extreme” the other side “has become” or if they’re providing a forum for Republicans’ “toxic” speech.

So, let me get this straight. The party that supports killing babies up to their moment of birth (if not a little after birth), can’t say how many genders there are, prefers feelings over facts, has zero issues with a 40-year-old man using the bathroom stall next to a 6-year-old little girl, believes “climate change” is more dangerous than radical Islamic terrorists (on that note, won’t even mention radical Islamic terrorism), has a crusade against plastic straws and bags and sees no problem putting a man who “identifies” as a woman in a female prison is showing how “extreme” the “other side” has become?

The hits keep coming after that.

“We’re of the opinion that only light can drive out the darkness,” the post says.

Interesting use of a biblical principle. So, again, the party that stands for abortion and against biblical marriage is going to lecture us on light and darkness?

It gets strange from there. They talk about allowing country club good ol’ boys in the Polk County suburbs get re-elected thinking they were “good Republicans.”

“That ideology and our giving some of them a pass gave Iowa Steve King.”

Uh, there are no Polk County suburbs in Congressman Steve King’s district. More likely, King’s pro-life beliefs, staunch stance for traditional marriage, principled respect for the rule of law and down-to-earth common sense are probably what keeps getting King re-elected.

This same attitude led to President Donald Trump winning Iowa, the Polk County Dems say. I’m sure the Democrat nominee’s history of corruption and inability to ever take responsibility for anything played no part in that.

Sen. Jake Chapman and Rep. Steve Holt were the next targets. Holt’s district, of course, is nowhere near a Des Moines suburb, so it makes perfect sense to lump him in with the others.

As for Sen. Chapman, well, at least Adel is much closer to Des Moines than Denison. Knowing Sen. Chapman and Rep. Holt, I’m sure being included in that paragraph is just fine with them.

Polk County Dems are on a mission to call out “hateful rhetoric” and “junk science.”

Hateful rhetoric like you know, calling supporters of your political opposition “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”

Who does that?

Oh, and The Iowa Standard was not immune from being highlighted by the Polk County Dems.

Hey, we appreciate the share. It would’ve been nice to see a substantive rebuttal, but you know, baby steps.

Sure, the words Planned Parenthood never appeared in the column. The word abortion did, though.

Wait a minute…I thought abortion was only a small percentage of what Planned Parenthood does.

So, why did Polk County Dems essentially use Planned Parenthood for a synonym for abortion?

Author: Jacob Hall