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WHO-TV reached out to Iowa Right to Life on Friday to let them know the news station updated its story regarding the abortion neutrality amendment being debated in the Iowa Capitol.

Iowans for Life and Iowa Right to Life criticized WHO-TV for this headline regarding the abortion neutrality amendment:

“Lawmakers Take Up Proposed Amendment to Ban Abortion in Iowa”

The problem is that the abortion neutrality amendment won’t ban one single abortion in the state of Iowa.

“I cannot believe that WHO-TV has posted a news article with a headline that is so egregiously false,” said Maggie DeWitte, executive director of Iowans for Life. “This headline does not represent what the amendment does. The language of the amendment is clear. This amendment doesn’t ban ANY abortions. It doesn’t change ANY abortion law.”

Caitlyn Dixson, the executive director of Iowa Right to Life, said the amendment is about judges who took away the choice for ALL Iowans to have “the right to author the Constitution and decide what kind of state they are going to live in.”

DeWitte called on the editors to publicly apologize.

“We must have fair, accurate and just reporting and this missed that mark by a long shot,” she said.