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One of my good friends who I’ve met along this journey of The Iowa Standard posted a question to Facebook this weekend that I think a lot of people have. And I’m glad he asked.

“Why is same-sex marriage even in the news? Who cares…Marry who you love. We have much bigger issues.”

That is a stance of not just Democrats and some Independents, but also some Republicans.

To be fair, this is a perfectly reasonable question when asked. So my response to it shouldn’t be taken as a criticism of the question, but instead a direct response.

And this is a response that will feature layer after layer. It is a complex issue. Much more complex than “love is love” or “marry who you love” or “live and let live.”

Let’s start!

Every successful, prosperous civilization needs the same thing — strong families. And when I say family, understand I’m talking family. I really don’t like defining it as the “traditional” family. It is THE family. One man, one woman and children.

Let’s first acknowledge that every child has the right to a father and a mother. We should be able to agree on that because of the laws of nature and nature’s God that require a man and a woman to create a child.

There’s a reason it takes that combination to create a baby.

The family generates a lot of things for society. None is more important than the future. Without families, there is no future for civilization. Families produce future taxpayers, future soldiers, future everything.

This is why it makes sense for government to offer tax incentives for married couples and kids. Because the government has an interest in healthy families.

We’ve seen the consequences of unhealthy families. We know the percentages of people who are incarcerated that grew up in a home without a father. We know how kids from homes with a mom and a dad perform much better academically than those without that advantage.

In fact, a home with a mom and a dad is the truest form of “privilege” for any child — regardless of race.

I cannot stress the importance of the family enough.

And we can sit here and suggest that a “family” can include two parents of the same gender, but in reality that requires us to deny science and ignore reality. It dilutes the meaning of what a family really is.

More than that, it denies truth. And I’m not talking about “your truth” or “my truth” or “our truth.” I’m talking about THE truth.

And the truth is two men or two women will NEVER be able to do what one man and one woman can do. Ever. No matter how hard they might try. They’ll never be able to replicate what one man and one woman can do.

There is a reason for that. And I hate to break it to you, but no matter who or what you think created humans — we aren’t smarter or better than our creator.

So, why is this an issue? Because the family is the most important thing to society. And because embracing same-sex marriage forces someone to completely abandon scientific truth.

Today we are plagued with problems in schools and, well, pretty much everywhere when it comes to radical gender ideology.

This wouldn’t be happening today had we not surrendered on the marriage fight yesterday. But when we decided “gender” was meaningless when it comes to marriage, we opened the door to allow gender to be meaningless everywhere.

So, why do we have boys using the girls’ bathroom in schools? Because we said gender didn’t matter for marriage. Why do we have boys on girls’ sports teams?

We’re allowing kids to have their private parts altered or removed because gender is whatever we feel it is — regardless of what science and truth tell us.

It will not end at radical gender theory either. It will continue. We already have USA Today and college professors working to “destigmatize” pedophilia.

Rather than calling these perverts pedophiles, they want us to refer to them as “minor-attracted persons/people” or MAPS.

We’re being told that these individuals are “born that way.” We’re being told it isn’t wrong to be attracted to a minor as long as you don’t act on it.

Where have we heard these arguments before? From the homosexual marriage debate of course. If it worked for them, why shouldn’t it work for these folks?

After all — love is love, right? Who would we be to judge?

We used to be concerned that polygamy would follow same-sex marriage. The reality is it’ll be worse — it will be pedophiles marrying their victims.

Why else does it matter? Because the government has partnered with the rainbow jihad to punish anyone and everyone who doesn’t get in line and celebrate the sexual perversion with them.

Remember when those folks wanted to “keep the government out of my bedroom.” Now they suddenly want to bring their bedroom into the government — and everything else.

Own a bakery and won’t make a cake for their “wedding,” they’ll try to shut you down. Own a photo business and refuse to take their wedding pictures, you’re next. Own an art gallery and won’t host their wedding, the government will shut you down.

This isn’t hypothetical. It isn’t something I’m asking you to imagine. It’s something that has already happened — even here in Iowa.

This was never about “tolerance” and “acceptance.” This is about directly attacking God, truth and anyone not willing to surrender their service to both.

America was literally founded by people seeking a land they could live and worship their God without interference from the government.

My how far we’ve fallen. And ironically, they call it “progress.”

Another reason the issue matters — because our kids matter. If we haven’t figured out by now the chief target of the LGBTQ agenda is children, I don’t know when we’ll ever figure it out.

They are trying to normalize behavior that isn’t just wrong, it’s unhealthy. Homosexuals have a much shorter lifespan. They have much higher rates of STDs, drug use, domestic abuse, etc. They have higher rates of various cancers. They have much higher rates of mental illness, suicide and depression. And they’ll try to blame that on the “stigma” of homosexuality, but the rates of these issues don’t change based on location.

None of that says anything about what it means for one’s soul as well.

And they’re targeting kids and attempting to brainwash them and indoctrinate them into the lifestyle. At a bare minimum, they are trying to create a generation where nobody thinks twice about it.

I’m sure I haven’t hit on all the ways this issue still matters. I feel like I probably should’ve done this as a series rather than one article and given it more thought.

But the reality is, at the root of the issue, they are asking you to reject science, truth and God. They’re asking you to reject common sense.

It is an attack on the family. And no, it isn’t the first attack on the family. And yes, we should have fought those attacks just as hard as we should fight this one.

But nothing in human history suggest a society or a civilization gets to a point of perversion where they stop, look around and say “yeah, I think this is perverted enough.”

If it isn’t stopped, it will only get worse. We will be debating issues related to sexuality in 10 years that we can’t even imagine today.

Don’t believe me? Did you think 10 years ago that today not a single Democrat in the Iowa legislature would vote for a bill that says girls’ sports are only for girls?

Of course you didn’t.

If a society is going to prosper, it isn’t going to be because of tax rates, jobs or economic policies. It’s going to be due to it having strong families.

So many of our problems today can be traced back to the same cause — the erosion of the family. We have screwed up the family so much, we can’t even properly define it anymore.

And, as a writer, I recognize words have meanings and those meanings matter. We don’t get to just change the meaning because we choose something that doesn’t fall under the umbrella.

Defining marriage has never been the government’s role. That has been above their pay grade for quite some time.

Why does the marriage issue still matter?

Simple. Because truth matters, science matters and the family matters.

Author: Jacob Hall


  1. Jacob, this is a GREAT article about marriage! A lot of facts in it. As you pointed out, marriage between a man and a woman encourages procreation. There are only TWO genders on birth certificates.

    “Born that way”? I wanna see their DNA and how is it being transferred from generation to generation?


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