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I love it when people stick up for themselves against The Man.

A public school teacher in Kansas sued her school district which had suspended her for refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred pronouns.  The district did not have a pronoun policy at the time.  The suit alleges, among other things, free speech and due process violations.


A University of North Texas music professor sued the school after it removed him from an academic journal he founded and defunded the journal.  A black professor in New York had given a speech complaining that music theory is inherently “white” and too many music professors and scholars are white.  The Texas professor set up a debate on the issue in a symposium and in the journal, but the University started investigating and took action against him without giving him a chance to respond to the findings.  He sued the school on free speech grounds.

The stakes are going up in these fights.  In another case involving the University of North Texas, a federal judge ruled school officials can be held personally liable for firing professors in free speech cases.  Good!  Maybe that will get budding academic tyrants on campus to think twice before acting on their authoritarian impulses.  In addition, alumni associations are starting to organize to push back on free speech violations and thought control at their alma maters.  The organizing efforts already involve about a dozen groups from different schools, and dozens more have expressed interest.  The groups are jawboning schools into allowing more free speech and intellectual diversity on campus.   There is nothing like the threat of withholding alumni donations to focus the mind.

The stakes are also rising for the COVID Nazis among us.  A father in Rochester was arrested for not wearing a mask at his son’s baseball game.  The father was standing hundreds of feet away from anyone else, there was no governmental mask mandate in place, and a sign at the stadium said masks were optional when six feet apart.  He was acquitted, but he’s not letting it go.  He wants a public apology or he will sue.

Hundreds of students across California showed up to school without masks to protest the state’s school mask mandate.  Dozens of suspended students showed up at a school board meeting in Virginia to serve school board members with affidavits supporting an end to “unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates”, among other things.  A doctor in Rhode Island who was ordered to stop practicing medicine because he refused COVID vaccination on account of a medical condition brought suit against the state.  He’s already had COVID, so he has natural immunity.  He’s also willing to meet masking and testing requirements, but that’s not good enough for the COVID Nazis in Rhode Island who want to play politics instead of following the science.

Democrat Nazis in government want to force health care providers to render services against their conscience.  A group of Christian doctors sued California for trying to force them to provide information about assisted suicide to their patients and make referrals in violation of their religious beliefs.  “No health care professional should be forced to act against their religious beliefs and medical ethics, and the state of California is wrong to enforce such coercion,” the director of the legal foundation representing the doctors said.  A pro-life nurse in Illinois was awarded $374,000 in damages after she was fired by her health clinic for refusing to provide abortion information and services to women.

We end where we began, with free speech.  Pro-life advocates won a settlement from public officials in North Carolina after being arrested for praying on a public sidewalk outside an abortion clinic.

So here’s my message to all you pompous, self-satisfied authoritarian left-wing Nazis out there.  You don’t get rid of us that easily.  We know we’re right.  Mess with us and you’ll pay the price.

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  1. While we fight the Left-wing Democrat Nazis in America, Putin is fighting the Right-wing Nazis in Ukraine and forcing them to flee to Nazis friendly Poland. There sure are a lot of Nazis in the world, let’s hope they don’t start claiming to be a Gender…


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