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The American Idea is that We the People are sovereign and the purpose of government is to protect our rights.  [Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science]  But the authoritarian Left doesn’t believe in the American Idea.  It wants to misuse government to rule over us and take away our rights.  Here are just some of the ways the authoritarian Left has overreached, recently:

Washington’s Governor just signed a new law allowing the state to take children away from parents if parents refuse to consent to a child’s gender transitioning or abortion.  Refusing to allow these things is now considered child abuse and your children become state property.  Things have been trending in this direction for some time, with child protective service officials in California and Arizona admitting they take children away without seeking court orders.  That’s illegal and a complete overreach.  A Democrat bill in California would allow mental health professionals to take children away without parental knowledge or consent and without accusation, evidence, or trial.  Children would be placed in LGBT facilities in what critics call ‘state-sanctioned kidnapping’.   Just wait until militant gay and transgender crusader bureaucrats get ahold of this power.  In their view, every child should be gay or transgender and this bill would be a dream come true.

Our rogue out-of-control left-wing FBI is still engaged in tens of thousands of unconstitutional warrantless searches of American citizens’ electronic communications.  People who support this activity point to the fact that the number of warrantless searches declined from over 3 million in 2021 to 119,000 in 2022.  But that’s still over a hundred thousand searches without court approval under a power that will expire by the end of this year unless Congress renews it.  This is the same FBI that has “purchased internet metadata, which can reveal the websites Americans visit, as well as sensitive information such as what doctor a person sees, their religion or what dating sites they use.”  Not content with snooping around your life, the FBI also wants to take your money.  In 2021, the FBI seized the contents of 1,400 safe deposit boxes in California without telling the owners why or ever charging them with a crime.  It amounted to $86 million in cash and tens of millions more in gold, jewelry, and other valuables.  Maybe the FBI spent too much money trying to pin Russia collusion on Trump and needed the cash to go after ordinary Catholics for praying in church and ordinary parents for speaking out against government overreach at school board meetings.  And you want to tell me the FBI is not the face of the authoritarian Left?  You’re out of your mind.

Let’s look at some other ways you, your children, and your valuables have become state property lately:

  • Our corrupt FBI and Justice Department are hiding, destroying, and tampering with evidence and spying on defense teams in the January 6th trials
  • New York City sent the fingerprints of employees who refused COVID vaccination to the FBI so the employees could be tracked, causing them to have trouble getting other jobs
  • the CDC created a database to track unvaccinated Americans at the behest of the overreaching World Health Organization which is now demanding the U.S. and other countries give up their sovereignty so the WHO can commandeer public health policy in the next pandemic
  • a federal judge ruled that the 18 colleges that don’t take federal money are still subject to federal regulation by virtue of their tax exemptions.  That’s a stretch.
  • school meal programs keep expanding and the authoritarian Left won’t stop until everyone is dependent on government for everything.  It’s not supposed to be this way.
  • the EPA’s controversial ‘Waters of the United States’ rule proclaimed jurisdiction over every ditch and puddle in the country, but was knocked down by a court.  Now the EPA is back in court defending another overreach, an updated virtually identical rule that asserts federal authority over ditches and puddles where none exists.
  • HHS tried to tell a Catholic hospital in Oklahoma not to burn candles in the chapel, but was forced to back down, thanks to people who still care about religious liberty, a founding principle of this country.

Religious liberty is just one of the ideas the Founders had that is better than what is going on today.  Here’s another – limited government under the Constitution.  Let’s get back to it because, right now, what we’ve got is what de Tocqueville warned about:  a “multitude of new Offices” and swarms of overreaching bureaucrats sent – not to protect our rights – but to “harass our people, and eat out their substance.”  The authoritarian Left is the central challenge of our time.  Overreach no more.

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