WRIGHT: How to Build Artificial Islands in the China Swamp

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A book due out January 25th gives new details about how communist China has corrupted American elites.  The author is Peter Shweizer who has made a name for himself exposing the corruption of the Clintons, the Biden family, and Congress critters.   His new book, Red-Handed, is subtitled “How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win”.  The book reveals “the secret deals wealthy Americans have cut to help China build its military, technological, and economic might…. [M]any of these elites quietly believe the Chinese dictatorial regime is superior to American democracy.”  Schweizer calls this the scariest investigation he has ever undertaken.

But you don’t have to wait for the book to get a good idea of what our corrupt elites have been up to with China, lately.  A quick trip through recent news gives you that:


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the $10 million civil servant, has investments in China, including a pharmaceutical company.  Fauci has ties to EcoHealth Alliance which was funded by NIH to work with the Chinese military on gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  The connections between the U.S. government – specifically NIH and its National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases run by Fauci – and China’s biological weapons program are all out in the open now.  No lab leak here, no sirree.

I previously reported to you how John Kerry, who can’t be bothered about China’s human rights abuses because he’s just the “climate guy”, also has investments in China, big ones.  In December, Kerry objected to the Uighur anti-slavery bill moving through Congress because it would upset China.  Or was it because it would upset his investment portfolio?

Two members of the House January 6th Committee have sizeable investments in China.  Elaine Luria has six figures invested in a Chinese company with ties to China’s military, a company our State Department calls a “tool” of the Chinese Communist Party.  The company develops surveillance technology for social control.  The husband of Stephanie Murphy manufactures in China.  Foreign companies in China must wear a ‘red hat’, that is, establish units to carry out the wishes of the Chinese Communist Party.  Yet we are supposed to believe Murphy’s tough talk on China.

There’s more, including lots on Hunter Biden, but I’ll save it for another day.  Let me end with a story that’s in the news today.  The co-owner of an NBA team, a million-dollar Democrat donor, was widely criticized for saying ‘nobody cares about the Uighurs.’  The NBA does substantial business in China, which the U.S. has accused of genocide of the Uighurs.

If you think China’s dictatorial communist system is superior to ours, we’ll start that conversation with the 35 to 60 million people who starved to death in the deliberately engineered famine of China’s Great Leap Forward, the protesters who were reduced to pulp when the tanks rolled over them in Tiananmen Square, the rape of Tibet, and the genocide of the Uighurs.  Then we’ll see how much of your case is left.

Enjoy the Olympics.

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