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You Lefties out there might not realize it, but you can’t get to where you want to go without telling lots of lies and forcing people to play along.

The Biden administration is getting ready to throw outTrump-era rules that protected doctors and other healthcare workers from being forced to participate in abortions and sex reassignment surgery against their conscience.  The move is being called an existential threat to Catholic hospitals and other faith-based healthcare facilities.  So much for free will, personal autonomy, and limited government.  This is government without limits, government that tramples the individual.  Under this reasoning, any group that gets control of the government can force you to do just about anything, whether you like it or not.  You might like government forcing doctors to perform abortions against their will today, but I guarantee you won’t like it when the government forces your doctor to put a surveillance chip inside your head tomorrow.  And that just one scenario for what lies ahead if the authoritarian Left consolidates its control over all healthcare.


A law set to take effect in California next year will force every state university to give free abortion pills to its students.  Not only are the pills dangerous and can kill the women who take them, conscience is once again implicated because you can bet there will be people forced into paying for and dispensing the pills who don’t believe in chemical abortions.  But that’s what happens when you put the power of the state behind fanatical left-wing beliefs and force everyone to get with the program, or else.

California is also the place where fanatical Leftists want to give the state the power to take medical licenses away from doctors who disagree with government narratives on COVID.  I’ve commented before about how government health authorities have been wrong about masks, lockdowns, natural immunity, and just about everything else having to do with COVID. [Daily Skirmish 2/10/22]  But now the Left wants the power to stop anybody who disagrees with these erroneous positions from practicing medicine at all.  Putting left-wing political hacks in charge of scientific truth is not the way forward.

There are other dangers in allowing the government to enforce phony narratives.   The Department of Homeland Security now considers you a national security threat if you question the government’s pronouncements on COVID, or question the 2020 election.  That’s a lot of people, half the population in the case of the dubious 2020 election results.  What are you going to do, lock us all up?  Go ahead and try.

Another danger of the government enforcing phony narratives is that the truth becomes hate speech.  In Sweden, a professor faces prosecution for publishing a research paper showing that most rapes in the country are committed by migrants.   The Swedish government evidently doesn’t want anyone telling the truth about migrants and will bring the full weight of the state down on anybody who does.

Wrong direction but, if you insist on going down that road, you should know you’re going to need ever-increasing amounts of coercion to keep dissenters in check.  It’s already suspected the federal government was tracking lots of people who met certain profiles through their cell phones before the 2020 election in order to get a head start on arresting them later.  It’s not so far-fetched when you consider Justin Trudeau confiscated bank accounts of people he didn’t like during the trucker protests.   He also tried to freeze their cryptocurrency accounts.  This is the mindset of the authoritarian Left which is perfectly willing to trample the individual and view us as state property, a mindset that wants to force you to give up your organs when you die, no matter your personal beliefs or wishes.

It’s not supposed to be this way.  We the People are supposed to be in charge, not have wannabe masters of the universe rule over us.  Government is supposed to protect our rights – not rule by phony narrative, force us to do things against our conscience, or seize our assets if we believe different.  So if you think left-wing policies are as natural as the air we breathe and implementing them will be a piece of cake and never be challenged, you’ve got another think coming.

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