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Once again, I’ve been accused of being misleading and irresponsible in presenting to you official government information about adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.

This is the only subject that has drawn criticism in my year and a half of daily commentary, and now we have a clue why people are attacking me on this.  My most recent critic is the director of clinical genetics at a hospital system in Pennsylvania.  The system’s website encourages people to schedule a COVID vaccine appointment now.  Ca-ching, Ca-ching!  Now we know at least one of the people attacking me has a financial conflict of interest.  Is he criticizing me because he believes in what he’s saying, or because he’s being paid to say it?  You decide.

His criticism of me is full of ad hominem attacks and personal insults – I don’t know how to think logically, I have a political agenda, I make inflammatory remarks, yada yada yada.  The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

As for the substance of the criticism, I’ve already demolished most of it in previous commentaries.

The critic asserts my “numbers simply don’t add up.”  First of all, they’re not my numbers.  They are adverse reactions reported to the government mostly by healthcare providers under penalty of law.  Don’t criticize me.  Go attack the government officials who established the vaccine injury reporting system and the healthcare professional who submitted the reports.  All I did was bring official government information to the public’s attention.

The critic also asserts I’m ignoring the fact “the VAERS data base does not directly address cause and effect.”  It is true the first half of the VAERS disclaimercautions that inferences of cause and effect, strictly speaking, cannot be drawn from the fact people die or suffer other adverse reactions shortly after receiving a COVID vaccine.  However, the second half of the disclaimer says the purpose of the reporting system is to alert the government to a problem and to prompt further government studies where a problem is indicated.  My point is 850,000 COVID vaccine adverse event reports in the U.S., including over 18,000 vaccine reported deaths, obviously indicate there is a problem with these COVID vaccines.  These numbers are far higher than all the problems reported with all other vaccines combined in 30 years of reporting.  But, to the best of my knowledge, the government has not released the results of further studies or has not conducted further studies at all.  My other critics, not this most recent one, ignore the second half of the VAERS disclaimer and are, therefore, deliberately misleading the public by giving the impression analysis stops and all concerns can be dismissed simply by saying people like me can’t prove cause and effect beyond a reasonable doubt in any individual case.  I don’t have to prove cause and effect to a scientific certainty to know a cover-up when I see one.

My most recent critic also objects that I give anecdotes about real people who have been injured by these vaccines and that such stories are just propaganda that ought to be ignored.  It’s kind of hard to ignore close to a million adverse reaction reports or the fact that 18,000 people died shortly after being vaccinated.   At some point, the number of individual stories leaves the realm of anecdotes and becomes, if properly investigated, scientific proof.   It’s a favorite parlor trick of the Left to dismiss anecdotes as not being evidence.  Of course they are.  Every witness sworn to tell the truth in court is telling their story and giving evidence for the record.  So you go right ahead, and keep sticking your head in the sand while people continue to drop dead around you shortly after receiving COVID vaccines and the number of adverse reaction reports steadily climbs toward a million.  I dare my critic to tell us how many of those adverse reaction reports and deaths came from his own hospital system.  Does he even know or care?

If you don’t think there’s enough here to investigate, then you are sadly mistaken.  My critic thinks “given the large number of people who have received the vaccines it is not at all surprising that there has been a flood of new VAERS reports.”  Except that there’s never been anything like this in 30 years of vaccine injury reporting.  The number of adverse reactions to COVID vaccines is off the charts.  That’s never happened before and all we get is silence from the government and public health authorities.

My critic quibbles with the numbers, saying death from a car crash that happens to occur after being vaccinated still counts as an adverse event.  This is an absurd argument.  I invite the government and my critic to study the adverse reaction reports and show me the numbers after taking out all the car crashes.  If there are more than five, I’ll eat my hat.  Nobody made stupid arguments like this in the first 30 years of VAERS adverse reaction reporting.  Why now?  Why just the COVID vaccine?

My critic similarly says I ignore the fact that some people who die shortly after receiving a COVID vaccine died from a variety of other causes.  Fine.  My answer is the same.  Do the studies.  Back these cases out.  Then show me the numbers, look me in the eye, and tell me the rest didn’t die from the vaccines.

By not doing the studies or releasing the results, the government is hiding the ball.  Why?  Because telling the truth about COVID vaccine injuries and deaths would upset the narrative the vaccines are safe and we really should require them.  My critic is a willing shill for the party line.  He says, “The bottom line is that the vaccines are both incredibly effective and safe. They are also the best thing we have to defeat Covid and get back to our lives.”  Does this sound like somebody properly sobered by 850,000 adverse reaction reports and 18,000 deaths, or more like a paid propagandist whose job it is to push these vaccines for his own organization’s profit, no matter the human cost?  You decide.

In the meantime, I’m pressing the government for answers.  I’ve sent two information requests to the media officials at HHS, which runs the vaccine injury reporting system.  I want to know, among other things, if government officials have made a decision as to whether they will conduct further studies of the COVID vaccine adverse reaction reports, the rationale for the decision, and the results of the studies if any have been done.  The government has not responded to me as of this writing.  I will soon file my request under the Freedom of Information Act and take this matter to court, if need be.  Stay tuned, this isn’t over, not by a long shot.

And want to I thank my critics for showing me all of this really does need to be investigated further, and for motivating me to put the truth before the American people, which is the last thing my financially self-interested critics want.

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