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On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed Democratic members of Congress they will return from recess this week to vote on a bill regarding the United States Postal Service.

“House leadership sent their members home when they were unable to come to an agreement on additional COVID-19 relief, even though Speaker Pelosi herself said “people will die” if no package comes together,” said campaign manager Andy Swanson. “Arguments that the House had already acted in passing the HEROES Act is disingenuous seeing as it was widely regarded the bill was dead in the Senate and President Trump threatened to veto it if it got to his desk. Speaker Pelosi is now calling Congress back to Washington, but only on one bill regarding the Post Office but not on the further COVID relief issues they failed to agree on earlier this month. Much like her mentor Nancy Pelosi, Axne only blames the Senate for inaction and doesn’t take responsibility for how her party has politicized these issues. Will she publicly call on Speaker Pelosi to also get back to work on COVID-19 relief? Iowans, and the American people in general, are getting pretty tired of these political games, especially when they start to directly impact people’s lives.”


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